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Great Ocean Road

Embark on a roadtrip of a lifetime

An unforgettable drive through the magical south coastline, buckle in for a journey of discovery with Discovery Parks. 

The Great Ocean Road offers families and solo travellers alike jawdropping scenery and attractions along the way. Get your adrenaline pumping with watersports or tote your camera for Instagram-worthy snaps. 

You're gazing out the window at work and feeling: moments that capture more than photographs. From getting cozy in a cabin to tenting out in the basics, our parks will look after your stay - no fuss. With our parks dotted along this dreamscape, we can help you plan your ideal trip. 


Start in Melbourne Or Geelong

Kick off your journey in either Melbourne or Geelong. In Melbourne our park isn't far from the outstanding food, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, vintage shopping and museums. But you will still feel like you’re on holiday with a resort pool, comfortable cabins and big sites meaning you can relax before you kick off your journey.

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Discovery Parks Melbourne - Pool Cabin

Geelong is the second biggest city in Victoria and a great starting point for your coastal adventure. Our park is conveniently located near the heart of the town and features an indoor pool for everyone to enjoy.

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Discovery Parks Geelong - Picnic Riverfront

15 min

First stop on your Great Ocean Road adventure is the laidback town of Lorne. Known for its buzzing arts and music culture you will feel a sense of groove when you arrive. Sit back and enjoy the natural wonders of the surrounding bush, beach, and waterfalls. In fact, there are ten waterfalls within ten kilometres of Lorne, all as beautiful as each other so check them out. The beautiful beaches surrounding Lorne will make it hard to leave so we suggest putting a couple of days aside to chill by the beach and wine and dine in the many local wineries. Catch some fish at the Lorne Pier to impress the fellow campers back at the camp kitchen and share your tips and tricks of the holiday you’ve just had.

Apollo Bay

Just down the road is Apollo Bay, the next stop on your journey and the perfect slice of paradise by the sea. Take part in any water sport under the sun, whether that be skiing, surfing or simply sitting on a boat and casting a line. If you’re unlucky with your fishing venture don’t stress as Apollo Bay has a reputation for the freshest seafood so you can taste the sea at one of the many incredible dining options. Pack your camera and make your way to Cape Otway, the greenery of the rainforest and famous lighthouse is nothing short of amazing so take a pic and make your friends at home jealous! 


Thousands of southern right whales dip, splash and dive in the waters off the coast of Warrnambool. But that's not the only wonder this port city is famous for; the legendary 12 Apostles, a marker of the Great Ocean Road, are breathtaking rock formations that tower next to the beach. Take as many photos as you can, because the experiences you'll have will have you returning for a second trip tothis coastal getaway!

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Sightseeing around Warrnambool


The last stop on your Great Ocean Road  journey is the stunning seaside town of Portland. A hidden gem along the Great Ocean Road, home to natural beauty, scenic walking trails, seal cage-diving and most importantly known for “the best pies”. Take in the cultural heritage this small town has to offer or peer out from the Port and you’ll often see blue whales coming in to feed on the local krill.  Make sure you make a pit stop off at Heywood Bakery at least once and enjoy some of Australia’s ‘best pies’, apparently the pepper steak is the favourite!

The Great Ocean Road is your quintessential Aussie road trip and it really is no wonder why! We have done all the planning for you so all you need to do is pack the car and book your stay.

Psst… keen to keep going a little further? Why not hop over the border and visit SA. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Discovery Parks – Robe. Our park is right in the heart of this coastal town which is a must visit summer spot for many South Australians. Kick up the dirt and go four-wheel driving through Little Dip National Park, learn how to surf and catch a wave off Long Beach, taste local froths at the Robe Town Brewery, however you want to explore, Robe has it all!

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