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Our ESG commitment

G’day Group is committed to growing with care through supporting our people, giving back to the communities in which we operate and protecting our environment.  

Our ESG strategy outlines our approach to managing our impact, deepening our connection to land and community and fostering our people and culture.  

Our ESG initiatives are separated into four strategic pillars, each with a headline target which we are committed to reaching by 2027. 


  • Connection to Nature – demonstrate a net increase in vegetation levels across our portfolio. 
  • Purposeful Work – embed ESG in our business through engaging our employees and integrating ESG into our organisational objectives.  
  • Resilient and Pristine Environments –we will achieve a 40% carbon emissions intensity reduction by 2030, on our path to achieving net zero status. 
  • Vibrant Community and Culture – be known for Indigenous inclusion at our culturally significant sites and for community impact across our network. 

Our ESG framework and performance will be benchmarked annually through participation in the global GRESB assessment - a global ESG benchmark and reporting framework which identifies key performance strengths and areas for improvement.

To recognise World Environment Day (June 5), we’re pleased to share our first ESG Year in Review report. The report outlines the work that’s been done to support Discovery’s mission to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Read the full report here.