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Technically classified as an ‘inland sea’ given its size, Lake Argyle has approximately 70 unique islands to discover, making it a mecca for water sport lovers. 

The lake also enjoys relatively calm conditions year-round, (officially classified as ‘Partially Smooth Waters’) meaning it's easy enough to launch your own boat, go waterskiing, fishing, have a paddle or go on a kayak or canoe adventure. 


Calm conditions mean Lake Argyle is a popular place to get your skis on. While there are no designated skiing areas (remember the lake covers nearly 1,000 sq. km of freshwater) please be aware of an 8 know speed limit in the boat ramp bay and Bamboo Cove. 


During the dry season, predictable south-easterly trade winds make for easy sailing conditions most mornings. Dropping off in the afternoon, for those who can live-aboard, Lake Argyle is a great place to drop anchor for the night, witness an incredible sunset and do it all again the next day. 

Virtually undiscovered by most boating enthusiasts, don’t be surprised to find yourself with a large part of the lake all to yourself.  


DRY SEASON (April – September) 

Sailors can expect moderate to fresh south-easterly windsduring the night and in the mornings until about midday with very calm prevailing conditions on most afternoons. 

WET SEASON (October - March) 

Conditions during the dry season are reliably calm. However, when a thunderstorm becomes visible the lake can become rough quickly. Ensure that if you are caught in these conditions, you can find safe harbour. 


Especially when water levels are low, exercise caution when boating in Lake Argyle - the lake is full of dead trees.  Many are visible but others may be lurking just below the surface. Before heading out on any adventure please consult our staff for more safety information and to purchase a chart that will help you navigate the lake.