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Historic Durack Homestead Museum

Built in 1895 by the Durack family, who were pioneers of the Kimberley beef industry, this magnificent homestead is constructed mainly of handcrafted limestone blocks with crushed termite mounds used as rudimentary mortar. 

Becoming one of the social gathering places of the East Kimberley region, by the early 1970s a decision was made to preserve the homestead before Lake Argyle was filled in. This entailed dismantling it stone by stone so that it could be rebuilt exactly as it stood before. 

Now operated by the Kununurra Visitor Centre, the Historic Durack Homestead Museum is open daily to the public from April to September and is intended to preserve the pioneering spirit of the Kimberley.  

For further enquiries or out of season viewings please contact the Visitor Centre on (08) 9168 1177 or by email: