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Kings Canyon Rim Walk

There are many ways to see Kings Canyon - and one is just perfect for you.

The iconic hike to the top of Kings Canyon is known as the spellbinding Rim Walk.

The Rim Walk will take you on a 6 kilometre circuit transcending down into the Garden of Eden and back to the top to wonder at the 360 views. Depending on what pace you take to absorb the humbling scenery, the walk can take around 3-4 hours.

The start of the walk is the most difficult, with around 500 steep steps to climb – once you are up there it will be one of the most magical experiences of your life. After you take in the views from the top of the stairs, continue your journey through Priscilla’s Crack made famous by the classic Australian movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert and to the first lookout across the canyon.

From there you will see the marvelous sandstone domes (a mini-Purnululu) known as the Lost City due to it resembling an ancient city.

Next up is your choice to continue exploring the top or take the stairs down to the picturesque Garden of Eden filled with lush greenery where you can cross a secured bridge over the sacred watering hole. Once you have captured this iconic moment take the stairs back up to the south side of the canyon.

The best time to take on this experience is during sunrise as the sun slowly reflections onto the sandstone turning a stunning array of oranges and reds.

Other Walks near Kings Canyon

For a more gentle hike - or for hikers who have done the rim and are looking to view the canyon another way, the Kings Creek hike is a gentle 2.6 kilometre walk that follows a trail between the two soaring canyon walls. As you arrive at the lookout point, you will be welcomed by spectacular views of the sheer cliff face at the far end of the canyon. This hike is completely immersive as you see, feel and smell the natural wonders and the flora and fauna of the canyon.

Beat the Heat

Walking in hot weather can be dangerous and sometimes even deadly.

Even if you are an experienced walker, you should take precautions when visiting Kings Canyon.

You should:

  • walk early in the day
  • check the temperature before you walk
  • always carry a map and compass on extended walks - use GPS navigation apps as a backup
  • wear protective clothing
  • take rests in the shade
  • drink plenty of water
  • avoid alcohol or sugary drinks like soft drinks.

For more information on heat safety watch the video below.

Please note: This can be a guided or self-guided experience. 


As of 3 April 2023, visitors to the Northern Territory (NT) require a park pass to visit all national parks and reserves including the Rim Walk and Watarrka National Park. The pass can be purchased from here Northern Territory - Passes.