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Activities and Attractions

Discovery Resorts - Kings Canyon Activities and Attractions

Kings Canyon’s proximity to a cultural heritage that is tens of thousands of years old makes being here an opportunity to finally immerse yourself in Australia’s incredible Indigenous ancestry.

Take in a view of Watarrka by air, learn how the traditional owners survived for so long in these conditions, enjoy a sunset drink, and make the iconic 6km hike to the top of Kings Canyon itself - 360 views of Watarrka National Park await!

SCENIC DESERT JOURNEYTop kings canyon experiences west macdonnell ranges

The drive from Alice Springs to Uluru via Kings Canyon is a once in a lifetime experience. Journey through ancient land and take in the spectacular desert scenery. Need assistance with your Red Centre adventure? AATKings operate regular coach transfer services.


Image credit: Tourism NT/Paddy Pallin

KINGS CANYON RIM WALKTop kings canyon experiences rim walk

A spellbinding way to experience and see Kings Canyon, this guided or self-guided rim walk is a 6-km circuit transcending down into the Garden of Eden and back to the top to wonder at 360-degree views.


Image credit: Tourism Australia/Nicholas Kavo


An expert guide will walk you through the history of this sacred Indigenous site and go deep on features like Priscilla’s Crack, Cottrell Lookout, the Garden of Eden and the Lost City. Meet your guide at the resort reception and transfer yourself to Kings Canyon Rim carpark.

LIGHT-TOWERS AT DISCOVERY RESORTS - KINGS CANYON Light Towers Sensorio   Copyright 2020 Bruce Munro. All rights reserved. Photography by Serena Munro

Light-Towers is an immersive sound and light installation that will captivate guests of Discovery Resorts – Kings Canyon. Consisting of 69 two-metre light towers that change colour to an entrancing soundscape by composer Orlando Gough, Light-Towers is the second Red Centre installation by internationally renowned artist Bruce Munro. Three viewing sessions are available to book including ’Sunrise,’ ‘By Night’ and a premium ‘Sunset’ experience.


Copyright 2020 Bruce Munro. All rights reserved. Photography by Serena Munro.


The best way to immerse yourself in the landscape of Discovery Resorts - Kings Canyon is this 2.3km loop. Including signage on the flora and fauna of the area, traditional land use and interpretation, daily guided tours are available in the late afternoon between April and October.

LURITJA LOOKOUTSunset viewing platform

Sit back and enjoy the changing colours of the desert sunset at the Luritja Lookout. The mesmerising shift of red, orange and pink colours created by the Red Centre's natural sandy environment will leave you breathless.


DINING UNDER A DESERT MOONDining under a desert moon

This is a dining experience unique to Discovery Resorts - Kings Canyon. Start the night with canapes and drinks on the front lawn at Carmichael’s Restaurant, then be whisked away to a table for two under a canopy of stars. Enjoy a five-course meal from the finest seasonal produce, paired with the very best Australian wines.

Not suitable for children under 18.


Image credit: Tourism NT/Matt Glastonbury

KARRKE ABORIGINAL CULTURAL EXPERIENCETop kings canyon experiences karkke cultural

How did our Indigenous ancestors survive for thousands of years in these desert conditions? Learn the answers in this immersive one-hour interactive workshop called the Karrke Aboriginal Experience.

Lead by members of the local Indigenous community, they will take you on a journey of their connectedness to the land through their weapons, musical instruments, bush tucker, medicines and the evolution of local languages. Highly recommended.



This interactive school holiday program for kids is all about having fun, learning about the environment, and giving parents some down time! Each supervised three-hour session includes nature-based activities and kid-friendly food options. Each child receives a Junior Desert Eco Rangers Certificate on completion! 


HELICOPTER TOURSDiscovery parks kings canyon helicopter tour

See Kings Canyon from the air! Achieve a whole new level of enlightenment as you take in the rise and fall of ancient sandstone escarpments and the sheer diversity of Watarrka from the sky. Capture incredible views of Kings Canyon, Carmichaels Crag and George Gills Range. Each flight delivers its own level of adventure!


NATURE & GEOLOGYNature geology

If all geological time was represented in only one hour, the sandstone that forms Kings Canyon was deposited approximately 6 minutes ago, around the same time that the first life on earth ever appeared!

It’s this sort of perspective that makes Watarrka National Park one of the world’s most amazing natural landscapes. Out of it rises The George Gill Range, which is home to Kings Canyon.

Punctuated by rocky crags that have battled the elements for over 400 million years, ancient marine fossils etched into the rock are further evidence of the fundamental changes that have occurred in this area over an extended period of time.

At the bottom of Kings Canyon itself, the inexplicably lush ‘Garden of Eden’ offers a glimpse of what this environment would have looked like at the dawn of human existence.

Check out our Nature Diary to discover more about the animal and plant life that thrives here.


Image credit: Tourism NT/Helen Orr

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