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5 reasons to spend your tax return on travel

18 Jul 2019

As tax time is here and we wait for the exciting moment that our bank accounts become a little healthier with a refund it's time to think about what you will do with your new found cash. Will you save it? Will you put it towards a big ticket item like a car? Or will you prioritise your happiness and treat yourself to a holiday? Here are five reasons why travel is the best way to spend your tax return.


Some people might look to splurge on electrical goodies at tax time but TV’s don’t make family memories. Your kids won’t remember the best day they had watching TV but they’ll remember the time they got up close and personal with a kangaroo at Pambula Beach! Making family memories together is easy when you can pack up the car and escape to a home away from home in some of our countries most magnificent locations.

Pambula standard cabin


They say travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, in experiences! While short term purchases might help give you an endorphin hit for an hour or two, a week surfing in Byron Bay will give you a lot more than just a few hours of happiness.  You'll have amazing stories to tell people when you return home and will be able to be the expert next time someone is looking for a recommendation for their next getaway!

Byron Bay2


You’ve worked hard all financial year, your tax return is proof of that, so you’ve earnt a break. Get away from the pressures of everyday life and go somewhere where life runs at a different pace. Heading back to nature and feeling the sand between your toes as you cuddle a Quokka on Rottnest Island will do more for your soul and wellbeing than a good yoga class or green juice ever will.


There’s nothing better for your social media than going on holiday. Days with nothing to do but explore a new picturesque location full of instgrammable sights? Sign us up! Not only will it give your photo album a much needed break from pictures of food and inspirational quotes but you’ll be the envy of your friends and colleagues stuck at work scrolling at their desks. So instead of showing off your latest handbag purchase or your new active wear, share your view of the twinkly river at dusk from your cabin deck in Forster.


Something happens when you escape the daily grind, your mind becomes free and open to new thoughts and ideas. You stop stressing about making it to the gym on time or finishing that report that was due last week and you start thinking about what book should you read today or which Barossa Valley winery you should visit this afternoon. Giving your brain the space and time to think about new and exciting things sparks something in you that frees your mind to look to the future and dream about what lies ahead.


Now that we’ve convinced you to take the leap and book your next getaway, before you start searching for an international airfare deal, think about the best bang for your buck. With the Aussie Dollar struggling, make the most of your tax return by keeping those dollars AUD and holiday in your backyard, Australia!

Check out our top picks for tax time deals in Aussie destinations ready for you to discover. 


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