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3 Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

26 May 2015

Updated September 2021

So you’ve decided to firm up a golfing trip with your bffg's (best friends for golf) when you suddenly realise your swing isn’t anywhere near up to scratch! Sensibly, so as not to end up the laughing stock of your so-called 'mates', you decide you need to work on it. Good thinking. 

Here are some tips to ensure your next golf trip is not a slog-fest through the trees!

Tip 1: Learn the Basics


Learning the basics of a serviceable swing is the first step to trouncing your mates!

Ensuring your posture, stance and grip are up to standard are all pivotal elements of your best swing. Nailing these golfing fundamentals seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people ignore the basics before they hit the tee-box!

Tip 2: It’s All in the Torso

McCracken Country Club GOLF  ball

Many golfers place all the focus on their arms and upper body, but the key to a strong golf swing lies in your core.

Basically, your hands and arms should move in sequence with your upper torso, and to achieve a powerful (straight) drive, try swinging the club behind your shoulder rather than behind your body. With time (and practice) you'll notice you can hit the ball further, and hear that satisfying ‘ping’ more often than not!

Tip 3: Feel the Rhythm

McCracken Country Club   Golf Swing 4

In golf, timing is everything.

Developing a consistent rhythm to your golf swing will achieve the consistency you deserve. One trick is to count yourself in at a steady pace and repeat the same address of the ball every time you play. “One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand” is a simple example of a mantra that could work. When you start to get a feel for this rhythm, practice bringing your club up on “one” and down on “two.” With repetition, you will be able to hit the ball in the direction you're aiming, and with the force that you intend!

Good Luck out there!

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