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3 Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

26 May 2015

So you’ve decided to head down to Harrington Waters Golf Club in New South Wales, which is only a short trip from Discovery Parks - Harrington, for a golfing trip with the lads. You suddenly realise your golf swing isn’t up to par, and unless you get it right soon, you will be the laughing stock of the group.

Never fear, we’ve gathered some useful golf swing tips from some of the world’s leading golfers who will make your stay in Harrington an enjoyable one.

Tip 1: Learn the Golf Swing Basics

Learning the golf swing basics will get you well on the way to trouncing your mates on the Harrington course. Ensuring your posture, stance and grip are correct can be pivotal to your golf swing. Ensuring you have the golfing fundamentals down seems like obvious advice, but you would be surprised how many people lack the core skills necessary to play our game.

Tip 2: It’s All in the Torso

Many golfers place all the focus on their arms, but the key to a strong golf swing lies in your body. Your hands and arms should move in a sequence with your upper torso. To get a nice power drive, try swinging the club up behind your shoulder rather than behind your body. With time you will notice you can hit the ball further, hearing that satisfying ‘ping’ noise every time you do it!

Tip 3: Feel the Rhythm

In golf, timing is everything. Developing a clear beat and rhythm to your golf swing will give you consistency. The trick is to count in a slow steady pace. For example repeat “One-one-thousand, Two-one-thousand” as a mantra. When you start to get a feel for the rhythm, practice bringing your club up on “one” and down on “two”. With practice, you will be able to hit the ball with your intended force.

Book your stay in Discovery Parks - Harrington today and take full advantage of Harrington Waters Golf Club as well as the other activities in the area, including Diamond Head.

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