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Voucher Terms and Conditions

Discovery Parks Voucher Terms & Conditions

1. In these terms:

a.      “DP” means Discovery Parks Pty Ltd, ABN 50 111 782 846;

b.      “Gift Voucher” means DP Gift Voucher that you have purchased or received;

c.       “Promotional Voucher” means DP Promotional Voucher that DP have donated or given away as a prize or compensation that you have received or accepted.

d.      “Voucher” means DP Gift Voucher and DP Promotional Voucher that you have purchased, received or accepted.

e.      “Remaining Gift Voucher Value” means at any time, that portion of the initial value of the Gift Voucher which is unspent and can be accessed by using the Gift Voucher in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;

f.       “Recipient” means the person so named on the voucher;

g.      “Purchaser” means the person who purchases the Gift Voucher.

2. By purchasing, accepting, redeeming or attempting to redeem a Voucher, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

3. Vouchers may be purchased or donated for any whole dollar denomination, with a minimum of $50 (AUD) and a maximum of $500 (AUD). The value of a Voucher cannot be changed after purchase or accepting donation.

4. The Voucher is redeemable at DP locations, which may change from time to time and an up-to-date list of the parks is available at The Voucher can only be used to purchase accommodation and may not be used for meals, sightseeing or any other arrangements. Accommodation is subject to availability at the time of booking. An early booking is therefore recommended. Once the Voucher has been used by the Recipient to make a reservation at DP the accommodation Terms and Conditions will also apply. To view the accommodation Terms and Conditions please visit

5. Promotional Vouchers may have restricted use at specific DP locations and subject to block out periods over school holidays, public holidays, long weekends and local special events. See terms and conditions listed on Promotional Voucher for restrictions.

6. The Voucher is not transferrable and must be presented at the time of check-in by the Recipient.  If the purchase exceeds the Remaining Voucher Value, the Recipient must contribute the difference in value. 

7. Gift Vouchers may be used in part or in full, any Remaining Gift Voucher Value can be used towards subsequent purchases. A printed statement of Remaining Gift Voucher Value will be given to the Recipient to present at their next check-in.

8. Promotional Vouchers must be used in a single booking transaction. Any remaining value after the single transaction has been made will be void and of no value. Any unused value will not be refunded.

9. The Voucher may not be redeemed or exchanged for cash. If the Voucher is lost, stolen or destroyed, it cannot be replaced or refunded.

10. The Voucher must be redeemed prior to the expiry date listed on the voucher. Any Voucher not used prior to the expiry date will be void and of no value. Any unused value will not be refunded.

11. The Purchaser of any Gift Voucher is responsible for informing DP of the correct email address for delivery of the Gift Voucher. DP is not liable for any Vouchers which are lost or undelivered via email.

12. In the event of a query or a dispute in relation to the Voucher or any accommodation purchased with the Voucher, contact DP on 08 8219 3000 or in writing at Discovery Parks, Level 7, 60 Light Square, Adelaide SA 5000 or via email at

13. We reserve the right to change any terms contained in these Terms and Conditions.  Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be available at