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NSW COVID Park Restrictions

What to expect at park?

In line with NSW Government Health Orders, some of our facilities may be closed or may require you to be fully vaccinated in order to enter or use such facilities. We have displayed signage in key locations to assist with promoting these current COVID-19 rules and restrictions of the time.


Current NSW Health Orders stipulates that persons staying at a caravan park in NSW do not have to be fully vaccinated. The requirement for vaccination, however may apply when using some of our facilities.

Note 1: Fully vaccinated means a person who has had two (2) doses of COVID-19 vaccine or has a medical contraindication certificate issued to that person,

Note 2: Unvaccinated means a person is more than 16 years of age and is not a fully vaccinated person,

Note 3: Persons under the age of 16 are not required to meet NSW vaccination health orders and may use such facilities at their own risk and must be in the close company of a supervising fully vaccinated adult,

Note: 4: Providing proof of vaccination. A Discovery Parks staff member may request proof of vaccination only where this may be required as stipulated by NSW Health and such areas

Facilities Management

Facilities Currently Closed: in line with NSW COVID Health Order, you can expect facilities such as indoor pools, Spa’s, Saunas, Indoor kids play areas and kids club, Indoor Gyms to be closed.

COVID-19 Rules and Restrictions during your stay

NSW COVID-19 rules may change during your stay and our team will endeavour to do their best in updating any signage to help with meeting any such requirements.
The following are examples of rules and restrictions may apply during the time of your stay, these include but are not limited to:

  • wearing a face mask whilst in/using certain facilities (where applicable),
  • practising social distancing,
  • adhering to density and/or capacity limits (where applicable),
  • using QR Code where displayed,
  • being fully vaccinated and providing proof of vaccination only where this is required.

Thank you for your cooperation during this challenging time and importantly we hope you enjoy your stay with us.