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Pinkys Beach

Strengthening our natural assets

Discovery Resorts - Rottnest Island is the first accommodation development on the island in over 30 years; a privilege we don’t take lightly.

The property has been designed to complement the idyllic coastal setting, strengthen the precious sand dunes and provide improved beach access.

We recognise the special place the island – and Pinky Beach – hold in the heart of West Australians, and strive to honour this connection.

Treading lightly

By their very nature eco-tents have minimal impact on their surrounding environment and are made from sustainable materials. They are designed for natural airflow (without air conditioning), using natural woods and canvas.

A revegetation plan ensures that we continue to enrich the flora and fauna of our surrounds. We have remediated the waste water treatment pond, and reinforced sand dunes on what was previously an environmentally vulnerable area of Island.

The property relies upon the existing eco-accredited energy, water and waste resources on the island, facilitated by the Rottnest Island Authority.

We’re local

Importantly, Discovery Resorts - Rottnest Island has been developed by locals. Local architects, project consultants, builders and employees.

We appreciate that the Island belongs to West Australians and showcase the history, culture and natural assets of the island for all to enjoy. We’re about sharing the story that is Rottnest Island.