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Cradle Mountain Premium Mountain Cabins


At Discovery Parks, we've reimagined a new Tassie experience that’s truly something special. Say hello to our Premium Mountain Cabins, right in the heart of Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. It's a true, little piece of luxury, at Discovery Parks. Ever wanted to hug nature without leaving the comfort of a warm, cosy bed? This might just be your ticket.

Get Comfy in Style: These cabins aren't just a place to hang your hat. They're a slice of home, sprinkled with the sort of fancy stuff that makes you go, "Ooh!" From the signature beds to the little touches about the place, we've made sure everything's just right. Feel relaxed in no time.

Nature's at Your Doorstep: Imagine waking up to a view that makes your coffee taste even better. You'll see Cradle Mountain from your window, posing majestically as the sun dances around it. And you can enjoy it all from your own private deck. How good.

All the Goodies You Need: A fireplace? Check. Free-standing bath? Check. The famous Discovery bed? Double check. We've packed these cabins with everything short of a personal butler. And who knows, maybe we'll think of that next!

Just You and the Wilderness: Want to feel like you've got the whole place to yourself? Each cabin's tucked away just right to make it feel like it's just you, the trees, and maybe a curious wallaby or two.

Ready for Adventure: Cradle Mountain's calling, and there's plenty to do. Whether it's hikes, wildlife, or just a good old wander in the great outdoors, it's all right there. And when you're done, your premium cabin's waiting to welcome you back.

Come on Down: Your cabin's ready. All it needs is you. Bring your adventurous spirit, your love for the wild, and maybe a good pair of hiking boots. See Tasmania like never before, or for the first time – with us.

With our Premium Mountain Cabins, you're not just getting close to Cradle Mountain's wild beauty; you're doing it in style.

It’s time to pack your bags, adventurer. Discovery Parks – Cradle Mountain awaits, let’s make some memories.

Each booking will receive a complimentary hamper filled with local tassie treats for you to enjoy.

Please note: These cabins are available for stays from 20 December 2023.

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