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Annual Leave Hacks to Extend Your Long Weekends in 2024

10 Nov 2023

Annual Leave Hacks to Extend Your Long Weekends in 2024

Are you longing to escape the daily grind, recharge your batteries, and explore new destinations? We've got the tips here to turn your long weekends into extended getaways and help you maximize your time off in 2024.

Annual leave holidays


Days to take off:

  • New Year’s Day (all) - Monday 1: Take off 2 – 5 January for a nine-day holiday
  • Australia Day (all) - Friday 26: Take off 22 – 25 January for a nine-day holiday

Australia Day is a celebration not to be missed in our parks. Full of fun in-park games for the kids, sausage sizzles and great company. Check out a Discovery Parks near you for your extended Aussie day break.

Days to take off:

  • Royal Hobart Regatta Day (TAS) - Monday 12: Take off 13 -16 February for a nine-day holiday

Based in Hobart, the Royal Hobart Regatta is back for another year, marking its 186th anniversary since the first one in 1838. Get ready for a jam-packed weekend full of sailing, rowing races, carnivals, kids games, junior pageants, live entertainment and more.

Now that your weekend is sorted, you just need a place to stay. Check out Discovery Parks – Hobart for the perfect base to kick start this extended long weekend break.


Days to take off:

  • Labour Day (WA) - Monday 4: Take off 1 March for a four-day weekend
  • Labour Day (VIC), Canberra Day (ACT), Adelaide Cup Day (SA), 8 Hour Day (TAS) - Monday 11: Take off Friday 8 for a four-day weekend
  • Easter long weekend - Friday 29 – Monday 1: Take off 2 – 5 April for a ten-day holiday

Hop-on into a Discovery Park this easter break for a weekend full of chocolate, in-park activities, a park-wide easter egg hunt and even a visit from the Easter bunny. Make sure to book extra time off because come Tuesday you won’t want to leave, and if you’re lucky, there will still be some chocolate still left over to enjoy.

Where do you want to go this break? NT, QLD, SA, WA, TAS, NSW or VIC


Days to take off:

  • ANZAC Day (all) - Thursday 25: Take off 26 April for a four-day holiday

Swap out the chocolate for Anzac biscuits this holiday, it’s time to remember and reflect on all those who showed bravery and sacrifice for Australia during World War I. Discovery Parks offers a tranquil escape to relax and unwind but also to connect with the ANZAC spirit.

Days to take off:

  • May Day (NT) - Monday 6: Take off 3 May for a four-day weekend
  • Labour Day (QLD) - Monday 6: Take off 3 May for a four-day weekend
  • Reconciliation Day (ACT) - Monday 27: Take off 24 May for a four-day weekend

Those four-day weekends could not come around soon enough. And lucky for you, we have Discovery Parks all over Australia, so take advantage of that built up annual leave and enjoy some much-needed R&R time.

See our Discovery Parks in the NT, QLD and near ACT

Days to take off:

  • Western Australia Day (WA) - Monday 3: Take off 31 May for a four-day weekend
  • King's Birthday (all except QLD and WA) - Monday 10: Take off 11 – 14 June for a nine-day weekend

Keep the celebrations going with an extended break at Discovery Parks. Escape the cold and head to the Northern Territory for some fun in the sun. Or if the snow is your thing, road trip it over to our ski parks like Discovery Parks – Jindabyne or Discovery Parks – Mount Buffalo for some adrenalin-filled adventure.

Days to take off:

  • Picnic Day (NT) - Monday 5: Take off 2 August for a four-day weekend
  • Royal Queensland Show (Brisbane area only, QLD) - Wednesday 14: Take off 15 – 16 August for a five-day weekend

The best part about having a public holiday in the middle of the week is you can have the rest of the week off! Besides, we all know it’s the kids day on Wednesday at the Royal Queensland Show (Ekka), so why not make the rest of the week yours?

See which Discovery Park in QLD you want to stay at for your August holiday.

Days to take off:

  • Friday before Grand Final Day (VIC) – Saturday 28: Take off 30 September for a four-day weekend
  • Kings Birthday (WA) - Monday 23: Take off 20 September for a four-day weekend

We all know Grand Final Day weekend is a big one for everyone, especially for those who team wins on the day. So why not take an extra day to recover and treat yourself to a four-day weekend.

Check out the Discovery Parks in Victoria for your long weekend. Who knows, they might even have the game on.


Days to take off:

  • Labour Day (NSW, ACT and SA), King's Birthday (QLD) - Monday 7: Take off 8 – 11 October for a nine-day holiday

We have officially entered one of the last (almost) nation-wide public holidays for the year, so why not make it a big one. Recharge and relax with a nine-day holiday before the silly season begins.

See our Discovery Parks in the NSW, SA, QLD and near ACT for some holiday inspiration.


Days to take off:

  • Recreation Day (TAS location dependant) - Monday 4: Take off 5 – 8 November for a nine-day weekend
  • Melbourne Cup Day (VIC) - Tuesday 5: Take off 4 November and 6 – 8 November for a nine-day weekend

This sounds like a Victoria to Tassie road trip to me!
It would be rude not to take that nine-day holiday and celebrate the Melbourne Cup Day in style in Victoria, then jump on the ferry and head over to Tassie for their amazing selection of cider or wine, delicious local food and wildlife.

Check out accommodation in Tasmania and Victoria to start planning your adventure

Days to take off:

  • Christmas Day (all) through to New Years day: Take off 23 – 24 December, 27 December, 30 – 31 December, 2 – 3 January 2025 for a 16-day holiday  

You’ve made it! The end of the year is here, and in the spirit of Christmas, it just makes sense to treat yourself with an extra extended break this season. Whether you choose to go relax in the quieter parks in the off peak seasons up in the Northern Territory or Queensland, or prefer to stay amongst the hustle and bustle, Discovery Parks has a destination to suite all.  


Now you have the dates, let’s start planning!



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