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Free things to do in Northwest WA

24 May 2023


Known for its red-rock cliffs, aqua-blue coastline and pristine waterfalls and gorges, Northwest WA really is the outback at its best.Free things to do in northwest wa banner

To make escaping to the northwest of WA easier, did you know that there are a bunch of free things to do while you’re there?

Here are 10 of the best free things to do in Northwest WA.

1. Watch the camel rides at sunset on Cable Beach

Free things to do in northwest wa

Must-see Camel TV. Credit: @tripinavan

Don’t pass up the chance to visit the iconic Cable Beach at sunset in Broome.

Pack some chairs, beach towels and an esky to watch the sunset over this incredible stretch of sand. If you’re in a 4WD-capable vehicle you can also drive on.

The camel rides themselves run at sunrise and sunset, so make sure you’re down in time to spot them walking along the white sands. In terms of free things to do in Broome, you won't find anything more memorable or unique.

2. Snorkel Dampier Peninsula

The Dampier Archipelago is teeming with marine life, making it the perfect place to throw on your snorkel and fins and jump in the water!

Free things to do in northwest wa snokeling dampier archipelagoCredit: Snorkeling at Dampier Archipelago / Australia's North West

The islands surrounding Dampier have some of the most diverse coral and marine life in the world, including turtles, dugongs, manta rays and bottlenose dolphins, making for an incredible day out on the water.

3. Visit Lake Argyle

It wouldn’t be a trip to Northwest WA without a stopover at Lake Argyle.

Free things to do in northwest lake argyle inifinity pool

It's free when you book a stay! Credit: Tourism WA

Created by the Ord River, Lake Argyle is Australia’s second-largest man-made reservoir by volume. Not only can you swim, kayak, fish and boat in the freshwater lake, you can take on some of the walking and biking trails around the lake and spend your time spotting wildlife and birds – there are over 240 bird species around the area!

If you've done the right thing and booked a stay at Discovery Resorts - Lake Argyle, we highly recommend a night or sunset swim in the world-famous infinity pool.

4. Explore Mitchell Falls

For adventurers with the capacity to get off-road, we highly recommend a visit to Mitchell River National Park outside of Kununurra.

Free things to do in northwest wa mitchell falls

Mitchell Falls is a haven for ancient rock art. Credit: @kimberleyexperiences

There is no park entry free, but you will need to purchase an Uunguu Visitor Pass before heading out there. There is loads to see and do in the park including Little Mertens Falls and Mertens Gorge, but the most popular attraction is easily Mitchell Falls. It is a difficult 8.6km round-trip hike, but once there, the views of the multi-level cascading waterfall make it all worthwhile.

5. Check out waterfalls on the Gibb River Road

Best known for its red dirt, rugged landscape, and abundance of wildlife amongst freshwater waterfalls and gorges, any visit to the Kimberley, in particular the Gibb River Road, is a must-do part of a Northwest adventure.

Free things to do in northwest gibb roadCredit: Barnett River Gorge / The Gibb River Road

And while we understand that it's not free to even arrive here, there is no entry fee to the Gibb River Road, which is a 660km unsealed dirt road. You could easily spend a week travelling slowly and stopping at every single waterfall and gorge, but some of our recommended free gorges include Adcock Gorge, Galvans Gorge and Barnett River Gorge

6. Swim at Coconut Well just north of Broome

You will need to check the tides before heading out to Coconut Well, but if you time it right it's worth the visit.

Free things to do in northwest wa coconut well broomeCredit: Coconut Well / Rob Dose

During low tide, there are hundreds of tiny rockpools to explore and some just big enough to float in. Time it with sunset and you’ve got yourself paradise!

During a high tide, the water fills through a gap in the sand dunes and creates the turquoise lagoon suitable for swimming, snorkelling, and floating around. The tide variance in Broome is large, so depending on when you go, you’ll have two totally different experiences.

7. Don't miss the Staircase to the Moon in Roebuck Bay

This phenomenon occurs exclusively at Roebuck Bay when there's a full moon.

Free things to do in northwest wa staircase to the moon

The bigger the moon, the more eerie the phenomenon.

The high tidal waves from the water reflect the moon, which in turn creates the illusion of a staircase ascending to the moon. The Staircase to the Moon is viewable at sunset during a full moon and high tide from March to October. Head down to Town Beach to view it from the grassed area, grab a feed from one of the many food vans and enjoy the live music.

8. Shop at Broome Courthouse Markets

Free things to do in northwest wa broome marketsCredit: Broome Markets 

Held at the Heritage-listed gardens of the Broome Courthouse, each week the Broome Courthouse Markets host over 115 creative stalls on Saturday all year and on Sundays from April-October.

The stalls vary from fashion, food & drinks, music & entertainment, arts & crafts and jewellery. Take a stroll through the market stalls, speak to the artists and traders, and learn about the vibrant Broome culture first-hand.

9. Drive out to Ivanhoe Crossing

The concrete crossing over the Ord River at Ivanhoe was originally part of the main road to the town of Wyndham, but is now an iconic part of Kununurra.

Free things to do in northwest ivanhoe crossingCredit: Ivanhoe Crossing / Australia's North West

You can still cross during dry season, however the current is strong, making for dangerous conditions. There are also saltwater crocodiles that regularly hang out at the crossing, so care should be taken when visiting. If you’ve packed a fishing rod, Ivanhoe Crossing is a popular spot amongst local fisherman to try their luck at catching the world-renowned Barramundi!

10. Browse Warmun Art Centre

At 200km south of Kununurra, Warmun Art Centre is owned by the Gija people with 100% of income returning to the community.

Free things to do in northwest warmun artCredit: Four Generations of Artists Betty Carringtons Family / Warmun art 

Warmun Art supports emerging and established Warmun artists. You can visit the Warmun Art Centre gallery during opening hours, you will just need to organise a verbal visitors permit before entering the community, which can be organised before leaving over the phone.


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