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Rule the BBQ - 10 Tips to Impress your Friends and Family

23 Feb 2023

Hot weather means long balmy nights – perfect for a BBQ! Check out these sure-fire ways to dominate the grill and impress your friends and family. 


It doesn’t get much more Aussie than the Great Australian BBQ. Time in the great outdoors is always better when there’s a 'barbie' on.  

At Discovery Parks we love a BBQ - that’s why we put them in our parks!

So, whether you’re a wannabe 'Tong Master,' or even a barbecue newbie, enjoy these 10 Tips for Ruling the Aussie BBQ. They even include some handy clean-up advice – perfect when you’re sharing the hotplate! 



When to Cook  

If you’re going a little old school and grilling with charcoal (all of our in-park BBQs are gas-powered) you need to exercise some patience.  

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq coal

Grilling over a full flame is going to result in some unevenly cooked meat - disaster. To avoid this, we recommended a cold beverage while you wait for the flames to die down BEFORE you start grilling.   


You want the coals to be grey and glowing, which is the hottest and most even heat. Once you've achieved that, you can start grilling your food!

Because all Discovery Parks BBQs are gas-powered and free to use, you’ll avoid this problem altogether, although you might want to get the hotplate warm before you throw your food on.  

Maintain the Right Temperature   

You’ve heard of staying cool under pressure, in this case it’s about staying warm!  

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq getting temperature right

It sounds simple enough, but don’t forget that your BBQ is essentially an outside oven. To achieve optimal grilling, control the heat, just like you would indoors.  


To see how warm your barbie is hold your hand around 6cm above the grill and see how long you can hold it there without burning yourself! 

6 seconds = low heat  4 seconds = medium heat 2 seconds = high heat 0 seconds = turn the heat down! 

A consistent, even heat will have you well on your way to BBQ mastery, with delicious results.

Looking for Accommodation?

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Discovery Parks have accommodation options all over Australia. All of our parks have BBQs, fire pits and facilities to help make memories that last a lifetime. 



Who doesn’t love a marinade?  

When preparing the hero of your dish, it’s ideal to let it marinate in whatever delicious sauce or rub you’ve created, overnight. This is especially true when it comes to grilling on a barbecue.  

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq marinating


Save some marinade to brush over your meat every ten minutes while cooking it on the BBQ. This will add moisture, trap the smokey flavour and gently caramelize your meat.  

For aficionados, marinade your food for at least 24 hours. This will guarantee the flavours of your meat aren’t overridden by smoke. 

Room Temperature   

One of the most underrated BBQ tips is knowing to bring food to room temperature BEFORE grilling.  

Untitled design (50)Credit:

This is especially true if you’ve defrosted something and it hasn’t quite thawed out. 


Not allowing meat to thaw out properly could result in a BBQ meltdown – uncooked meat is a health hazard! 

To avoid this, always bring your food to room temperature before grilling. This will allow the food to cook more evenly as it’s less shocked by the intense heat that the BBQ will apply.  

Searing and Sealing Your Meat  

This is a fantastic tip for every BBQ King and BBQ Queen out there: DO NOT turn and flip your food too early!  

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq cooking steak

Best BBQ results come from searing your meat slowly to lock in moisture and flavour, and this can only be achieved by allowing it to seal effectively. The more you turn your food, the drier and more unevenly cooked it is! 

In other words: put those tongs back in the sling for a while, buddy!  


When cooking on the BBQ, you should only ever turn your meat once. Barbecuing is about patience, so this is a tough one for enthusiastic young players.  

Don’t Poke or Squash Your Food on the BBQ  

Be kind to your food! 

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq cooking meat credit Andrik Langfield unsplashCredit: Andrik Langfield unsplash 

Many people poke or squash their meat on the BBQ to ensure it’s cooked properly. Unfortunately, that is one of the worst things you can do. Leave it alone, it will cook and taste better if you don’t poke it into submission. 


Poking and squashing your food while it's cooking draws out all of the moisture and destroys its taste. Allow your meat to cook normally and retain as much moisture as possible.  

Soak Wooden Skewers First 

When you do the little things well, the result is a well-planned classic! 

BBQ skewers are about as Aussie as Vegemite, but to ensure they burn on the grill, soak the wooden skewers first.

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq wooden skewers soaking


Soaking your wooden skewers in cold water for at least 30 minutes before use prevents them from burning up on the barbie. 

If you choose to use metal skewers, wipe them with a paper towel dipped in vegetable oil to prevent your food from sticking to them.  

Let the Meat Rest 

This one sounds funny, but it’s absolutely necessary! 

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq 4 steaks resting on wooden board

While this is one of the most crucial BBQ tips, a lot of people choose to ignore it. After removing your meat from the grill, you have to let it sit for a few minutes, preferably on the plate it will be eaten on.  


Letting your meat rest seals in the juices and prevents the meat from drying out right before you eat it. So just let it chill for a minute or two, ok?  

After resting your meat, do not cut it until right before you eat it.  

Clean with Baking Soda  

Your fellow campers will love you for maintaining a clean operating environment around the BBQ. 

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq cleaning bbq with damp towel

Baking soda is a fantastic ingredient for dissolving all kinds of organic substances and is excellent at tackling grease and stuck-on food.  


The best way to clean your BBQ with baking soda is to pour it liberally over the damp barbecue grate and let it sit for about ten minutes. Activate the baking soda with warm water and use a scourer to clean it. Rinse with cold water. 

Despite its use as a powerful cleaning agent, baking soda won’t scratch your BBQ, which is important for maintaining it.  

Clean with an Onion  

Haven’t got baking soda but do have an onion? Mother nature can provide! 

Rule the bbq this summer 10 tips to win the game of bbq cleaning bbq with onion

If you’ve just cooked a feast on your BBQ and there's loads of grease left over, use an onion to clean it. 


Chop a brown onion in half and attach it to a fork with the cut side facing down. While your grill is still warm, rub the onion over it. The water in the onion steams away any stuck-on food and grease, and its natural antibacterial properties remove impurities.

Once you're done, rinse with water, and your BBQ will look as good as new, we promise.

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