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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Parks for Families

20 Oct 2022

Holiday parks mean getting out of the house and back into nature with your nearest and dearest. Check out our ultimate guide to holiday parks for families.

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Because holiday parks make it easy to bring together larger groups - think grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (plus all the other hangers on) - holiday parks are the ideal way to make holiday memories with the whole family.

And while there’s no hard and fast rules around the best way to experience a holiday park, holidaying with multiple generations is about finding a sweet spot that meets everyone’s needs. Read on to find out more!


Choosing Holiday Park Accommodation

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families bunbury foreshore

Discovery Parks - Bunbury Foreshore is one of our latest developments.

Most good holiday parks come with a range of accommodation options, from cabins, powered sites with ensuite facilities or glamping tents for that little bit of luxury.

Before you book, have a think about what style suits you best. Here’s a short guide to help you out.

Cabin vs. Tent

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families camping

Undara Experience in northern Queensland offers a unique glamping experience.

When most of us think about a camping trip, we almost always imagine a tent in the woods.

Sites that accommodate tents are still the most widely used form of camping, and for those who do it, this is the best way to experience the outdoors.

There’s no doubt that camping in a tent does give you that real feeling of being in the middle of nature, allowing you and your family to turn off their devices, break out the scrabble board and really get away from the stresses of modern life.

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families harrington beach

Discovery Parks are located in Australia's best destinations. 

However, being this close to nature also makes you susceptible to a variety of nature’s quirks, we’re talking bugs, animals, and inclement weather.

It's also fair to say that because of the variable nature of tent-only campsites, it’s best to plan shorter stays.

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families cabin stays

@4boysandacaravan love relaxing in our spacious deluxe cabins.

On the other hand, renting your own cabin rewards you with many of the modern conveniences Australian families are used to, while still staying close to nature.

This includes a soft bed, electricity, warm running water (yes, hot showers) and even heating and cooling systems. Many cabins have multiple bedrooms too, so the kids can have their own room. 

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families accommodation kitchen facilities

Fully equipped kitchens come standard in our deluxe oceanview options.

In addition to private rooms, cabins often have spacious balconies with outdoor settings, separate living and dining areas as well as in-cabin facilities like gas stove-tops, microwave ovens, kitchen space and yes, private and ensuite bathrooms - never to be underestimated when you’re travelling somewhere new.

Aside from the modern conveniences listed above, cabins also do that very fundamental thing of providing you and your family with security from bugs, animals, and the aforementioned inclement weather.

Because of the safety and security they provide for everyone, cabin rentals are best for longer trips and for larger groups. But no matter which type of holiday you take – the most important factor is a week off of work and  some quality time with your family.

What about Glamping?

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families glamping

Discovery - Rottnest Island takes family glamping to a new level.

'Glamping' aka “glamorous camping," is another style of camping offered by holiday parks that combines the luxury of a boutique hotel room with the adventure of the great outdoors.

Glamping is your chance to explore the very best of Australia, and tuck yourself in at night knowing you have all the comforts of home, including hot showers, a hotel-standard ensuite bathroom and a private deck at your disposal.

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families accommodation glamping

Safari-style glamping tents offer enough room for the whole family.

Depending on your accommodation needs and the number of people travelling with you, glamping can range from a simple ‘glam pod’ - usually an intimate hut suitable for a couple on a romantic getaway - to a deluxe safari-style tent capable of housing up to six adults.

Larger glamping tents mean you’ll be equipped with a queen-size bed, single bunks, ensuite bathroom and toilet, kitchenette (including a microwave and full-size fridge), lounge area with sofa and TV, plus reverse-cycle air-conditioning.

Shared Facilities

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families accommodation swimming pools

In-park swimming pools at Discovery Parks equal hours of fun for energetic campers. 

In addition to a range of accommodation options above, holiday parks offer shared facilities like swimming pools, playgrounds, waterparks, bouncing pillows, games rooms and BMX pump tracks, to name a few.

All of them are included in the price of your booking and are there to make sure the youngest members of your tribe are never bored.

Every parent knows that this is key on holiday. Whenever kids can have fun being social and make friends around the park, Mum and Dad can focus on some much needed downtime.

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families accommodation camp kitchen

Discovery Parks camp kitchens are a great chance to have fun and get social.

Apart from the basics of well maintained ablutions blocks, a good holiday park will also include conveniences and amenities like kids clubs holiday programs, camp kitchens for communal dining, movie nights and friendly staff for that all important local travel advice.

Whenever you book a Discovery Park, be sure to check our See & Do sections, where local attractions, events and things to do close to the park are included.

Sometimes you won’t even need to ask park staff where to go, because the chances are the people in the cabin or on the site next to you have just got back from there themselves!

Get Social

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families equipment hire

Hire equipment like bikes are included in the cost of your stay!

Being social and meeting future besties is one of the best parts of staying in holiday parks.

Roll up to the outdoor BBQ area, firepit or on-site cafe and who knows who you could meet. You might bump into your favourite neighbour from twenty years ago, or who knows, maybe even your first high school crush!

Staying in a holiday park doesn’t mean you have to open up your life to all and sundry, however, and there are quiet areas in every park to enjoy. That said, we think being open to interactions with fellow travellers will always enhance your trip.

Life on the Road

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families on the road

Many of our sites are within spitting distance of the beach. Credit: @4boysandacaravan

Apart from being a great place for young and old to enjoy the great outdoors together, holiday parks in Australia connect you with our most iconic driving routes and favourite destinations.

Whether it’s the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the South Pacific Highway in New South Wales or the Overlanders Way in Queensland, holiday parks are among some of the most convenient and easily accessible accommodation you’ll find.Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families on the road wa

Check out life on the road with @4boysandacaravan 

With a big sprawling landscape full of natural wonders to be found, it makes sense that travelling by car in Australia is one of our country’s favourite types of holiday.

Sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination, and you can map out so many great adventures staying at your favourite holiday parks along the way.

Friendly Staff

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families friendly staff

Discovery Parks in-park staff are here to help you have a great trip.

As mentioned already, park staff are a key to a good holiday park experience.

Feel free to ask them as many questions as you can about where the tourists are (or aren’t) depending on your pace of travel.

Most of the time they’ll be locals themselves, so they’ll have the smart money on where the best beaches are, where to catch a snapper or where the best coffee in town is.

Parks are pet-friendly too

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families pet friendly cabins

Discovery Parks are pet-friendly too.

Too often we can't take our happiest family members with us on holiday, but not anymore. Because your pooch deserves a break too, you’ll be glad to know that many holiday parks gladly welcome your pet.

Aside from being situated in the great outdoors, many parks do have pet-specific facilities like dog bowls, off-leash play areas, dog washes and cabins with their own fenced-off kennel areas.

Always check with your park before you book, as some parks won’t allow pets at certain times of the year, but there’s a good chance they’d love to have you and your favourite canine bestie.

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Parks for Families 

Utlimate guide to holiday parks for families bouncing pillow

Bouncing pillows are a hallmark of Discovery Parks Australia-wide locations.

Finally, it's worth repeating that there’s no right or wrong way to experience a holiday park.

Wherever you go, staying in a holiday park provides a customisable style of vacation that you can do your way, however that looks. Think of it as your very own ‘choose your own adventure’ made by the people you’ll meet and the places that will inspire you from one day to the next.

The choices of where to go in Australia are just as diverse as the people who travel, so whether you’re heading for the coast, up the river, by the mountains or into Australia’s incredible Red Centre, you’ll always find a comfy spot to rest your head and plot your ultimate family vacation.


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