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6 Reasons to Book a Spring Holiday

7 Sep 2022

There’s something energising about a new season and spring is one of our favourites. Emerging from the long, cold winter into a freshly blossoming world really puts a spring in your step (see what we did there?). 

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With winter done and dusted for another year, you’re probably thinking you need something on the calendar to look forward to. Here’s the secret: you don’t need to wait until summer to have a great holiday. In fact, we think spring is one of the best times to travel in Australia, and here’s why. 

The weather is looking up

The change of season can really lift those grey winter moods and, like us, you might be ready to swap the indoors for an adventure in the sunshine. Depending on where you go, spring weather will be on the up, with average daytime temperatures reaching the low twenties in most states.  

With more sunshine and less rain on average, spring is the perfect time to get out and experience nature. Go bushwalking, hiking or bird watching in National Parks, soak up picturesque scenic drives, or rediscover the beauty of the coast without the fierce summer heat or the winter chill.  

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With warm days and cooler nights, your holiday accommodation of choice might be a beautiful, roomy cabin or a glamping tent for camping made comfy.  

You'll dodge the crowds

Spring is technically known as the ‘shoulder season’, falling outside of the traditional peak. With most people hitting the popular holiday spots in the high summer, spring is often a quieter time without the bulk of the crowds.  

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Particularly in the Top End, where the dry season is coming to a close as the wet season approaches, you can expect fewer tourists and can find some great deals on tours and experiences. In the southern parts of the country the good weather means you can take your pick of activities to fill your days – from trail walks to watersports, sampling regional food and wine, to camping under the stars. 

Daylight Savings

Unless you’re in Queensland, the NT or WA, Daylight Savings is on its way, with longer days meaning more holiday time for you. Clocks go forward an hour on the first Sunday of October, so it’s lighter evenings from here on out. 

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We like Daylight Savings for practical reasons too. If you’re on the road you’ve got more daylight to get to your destination – which is a plus for road safety. As always, plan to be off the road by dusk to avoid any animals that might become active as the sun goes down. 

You deserve a break

That mid-year stretch with no public holidays can be tough. Having a getaway locked into the calendar can be just the thing you need. Don’t wait for Christmas with all its rushing around and social obligations – make the time now. You deserve a break after all! 

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Getting a trip in before the busy summer period has more benefits than that. If you’re travelling with extended family or friends, you might find it easier at this time of year to coordinate a holiday around everyone’s availability. There’s nothing better than quality time, making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Whether you’re planning a big trip, a weekend away or something in between, spring is the perfect time of year to take a moment to relax and recharge. 

School holidays are made for fun

We don’t need to tell you that school holidays are a great reason to hit the road and holiday somewhere new with your nearest and dearest. If you haven’t managed to get in a trip already this year, spring school holidays are the time to commit, with the weather lending itself to all kinds of play and adventure in the great outdoors. 

Reasons to book a spring holiday school holidays

And why holiday parks these school holidays? Little campers will make new friends as they lap up all the fun activities and facilities available in park. From swimming pools and water parks, to pump tracks, games rooms and bouncing pillows, there’s something for even the fussiest of kids (and the parents get some time to relax!). 

It's a blooming good time

From blooming flowers and fresh greenery, spring is the prettiest way to say goodbye to winter. Get out and about and discover a whole new world of fresh blossoms, sunshine and things to do in the fresh air. Wildflower season is a must for nature lovers, with a kaleidoscope of colour erupting this season. WA is one of the most famous places for Aussie wildflowers, but you’ll catch some real beauties in almost every state. 

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If you’re out exploring, you might spot baby native animals on your nature walks or fluffy ducklings if you’re staying on the waterfront. Spring reminds us every year that change will come, and it can be blooming lovely. 

If you're ready to book your spring getaway, we're here for you.

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