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12 Ways to Stay Comfy in the Great Outdoors

28 Mar 2022

Time is short. Taking a trip to the great outdoors requires consideration.

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Where to go, how to get there and what type of accommodation you’ll need to be comfortable are always worth thinking about.

If you do decide to go on a camping trip, the chances are high that you’ll be exposed to the great outdoors. This means that mother nature - as much as we love her - might try to interfere with your plans for the ultimate family vacation.

To make sure you don’t spend your whole holiday looking for a place to recharge your phone, re-inflating leaky mattresses in the rain, or foraging for food once supplies run out, here are 12 ways to stay comfy in nature that you might not have considered!

Book a site with well-maintained toilets & showers

The best holiday parks in australia shower block

Discovery Parks values cleanliness just as much as you do.

Unless you’ve decided to go the Bear Grylls route, you’re going to want a nice hot shower and a hygienic bathroom on your next trip.

Like clean sheets on a Sunday morning, there’s nothing like feeling refreshed when you’re exploring new places with the family.

Trekking to the nearest service station is unlikely to cut it with your loved ones either, so it makes sense to book a campground with well-maintained toilets and showers!

Go to the next level with a private ensuite

The best holiday parks in australia ensuite site shaded

Shaded campsites proivide an idyllic atmosphere.

To take your comfort (and privacy) to the next level, booking a site with your own ensuite bathroom and shower block is the way to go whenever you camp, caravan or motorhome.

The best holiday parks in australia ensuite sites

Book a drive through ensuite bathroom block for the next level of camping comfort.

Having your own dedicated shower and bathroom facility means no waiting in line (ever), no sharing the bathroom mirror with strangers, and no need to worry about a lack of things like toilet paper - goodbye awkward under-the-door exchanges with your neighbour!

Keep it clean!

The best holiday parks in australia facilities laundry

Communal laundry rooms make life better.

After a few days exploring your chosen destination - on foot, by bike or on the water - even the least smelly among us are going to benefit from a fresh set of clothes!

Plus, when it comes to children at least, you never know when a tub of ice cream or bottle of sauce is going to become the fashion accessory they had to have.

The best holiday parks in australia facilities laundry room

Discovery Parks laundry rooms are always well equipped.

To ensure you (and your kids) look fresh at all times on your family break, book a park with its own laundry and drying facilities. Then, when the time is right, simply find the laundry room on your park map, gather your items in a receptacle of your choice (a cloth bag will do just fine) and march your way over with pride!

Book a powered site

This might seem obvious, but not all campsites are created equal!

The best holiday parks in australia powered site

Experience the difference of a Discovery Parks site.

If your version of getting away from it all involves going completely off grid, go for it, we love our unpowered sites, just be sure to give us a holler when you re-enter civilization!

For most of us, however, it’s useful to have at least a powered phone (not to mention those other child-distracting devices) so that we can retain the ability to contact people in the event of any emergency, which can happen wwhen you're doing things outside.

The best holiday parks in australia drive through campground

Drive up, power up and enjoy your holiday.

For those of you who run motorhomes or campervans, a powered site gives you the ability to enjoy your home away from home the way it was intended - with a reliable source of electricity!

Leave the kitchen at home!

When you’re preparing for your next getaway in nature, do you really need to be packing half the kitchen?

The best holiday parks in australia camp kitchen family genrations

Discovery Parks Camp Kitchens bring the family together.

Book a campsite with a communal camp kitchen instead, one that packs everything you could need to whip up a culinary storm your favourite celebrity chef would be proud of.

This way, you can do away with anything you don’t need in your car so there's more room for things that you and your family do!

The best holiday parks in australia quality camp kitchen

Cleanliness is next to godliness in our camp kitchens!

The other benefit of utilising common facilities like camp kitchens and barbecue areas is the people you’ll meet!

Camp kitchens are an ideal opportunity to get social, share travel tips and have a laugh with your fellow travellers.

The best holiday parks in australia bbq areas

Become a King or Queen of the tongs all over again!

Of course, it’s not a requirement of the road to become BFFs with everyone you meet, but who knows, that couple who’ve just been where you’re going could well become lifelong friends!

No bikes? No worries!

If you’re anything like a lot of family travellers, keeping the kids occupied on holiday is a high priority.

The best holiday parks in australia hire equipment quad hoppers

It's easy to make time for yourself at Discovery Parks

Sometimes, however, there’s not enough room in the family wagon to pack absolutely everything and some tough decisions need to be made.

For this reason, it’s always worth booking a campsite that has a range of facilities and equipment you can hire!

The best holiday parks in australia hire equipment bicycle pump track

Discovery Parks bicycle pump tracks are always a hit!

From mountain bikes and kayaks, to electric scooters and surf boards, there are so many ways to carve out an afternoon of fun when you’re on holiday. 

The best holiday parks in australia sports facilities tennis court

Our hire equipment is not just for kids!

Game On!

Speaking of active minds, it’s always worth having a plan B for when the weather gods don’t play along.

The best holiday parks in australia games rooms family

When the weather doesn't play ball, the whole family can!

The best holiday parks in australia games rooms table tennis arcade

Discovery Parks games rooms are fully stocked!

Booking a park with a fully stocked Games Room can be a godsend of its own. From air hockey and table tennis, to arcade classics and child-friendly billiards tables, making memories with your loved ones on holiday doesn’t mean you can't be indoors!

Press Play!

There’s no getting around the fact that children love to play. Even the quickest of online searches will tell you that it’s fundamental to their development.

The best holiday parks in australia childrens playgrounds climb

When your children are happy, your holiday gets happy!

Booking a campsite without a decent playground or waterpark denies them the opportunity to develop their personalities and be social with other kids! It also gives the adults a chance to carve out some time of their own - a benefit that's hard to pass up.

The best holiday parks in australia family bouncing pillows

Discovery Parks bouncing pillows are legendary.

The best holiday parks in australia water parks family friendly

Waterparks are a signature item at Discovery Parks.

Stay Toasty!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, one of the best parts of camping in the great outdoors is gathering around an open flame.

The best holiday parks in australia campfires

Discovery Parks fire pits are a family favourite.

Getting together by the orange glow of a crackling fire is where family memories are made. Be sure to book a park that allows you to do exactly that, or you could miss out on one of the best things about going away!

Best holiday park campfires in australia

The best stories are always camp fire stories.

Eat out!

It’s perfectly normal not to feel like cooking when you go away. At the same time, do you really want to drive anywhere?

The best holiday parks in australia camp kitchen bbq areas evening

Make an effort without making an effort! It's on your doorstep at Discovery Parks.

Book a campsite that has its own on-site cafe or restaurant.

Doing it this way will save you time (and money) by making a night of it just a few metres from your caravan, campsite or motorhome!

The best holiday parks in australia restaurant family friendly

It's only mother nature that makes it look fancy.

Be pet-friendly

What’s a holiday if you can’t share it with every member of your family?

The best holiday parks in australia pet friendly campground

Discovery Parks welcomes your pets too!

Bringing your furry best friend along shouldn't be an obstacle. Book a campsite that allows you to enjoy your time away without the hassle of organising pet-sitters or worry about what might happen while you’re away.

The best holiday parks in australia pet friendly parks camp kitchen

Don't be upset when you're upstaged by man's best friend!

Book a cabin!

We love camping and caravanning, but the ultimate way to put your family’s comfort first is to book a cabin!

The best holiday parks in australia cabins family warm

Discovery Parks cabins provide space for everyone.

From three-bedroom villas with all the mod-cons, to economy cabins with everything you need, a cabin gives you everything you're looking for in a family holiday and more.

Move your getaway in nature from good to great. Discovery Holiday Parks has the accommodation option you’re looking for!

The best holiday parks in australia cabins  family

Relax with the family in style by booking a cabin.

Value your Peace of Mind

We understand that it’s not everyone’s favourite topic, but living with COVID is the reality we’re in.

The best holiday parks in australia hygiene

We deep clean our parks at regular intervals.

Choose a campsite that cares about your family's safety. For as long as this pandemic is with us, it's important that we do the basics well, which means staff that take the necessary precautions, signage that makes expectations clear, and facilities that are always clean.

Check out the video below for more. We look forward to welcoming you to a Discovery Park soon!

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