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7 Reasons Cabins are the Ultimate Family Holiday Accommodation

5 Oct 2021

Looking for an easy, affordable, and memorable holiday experience? Cabin accommodation may be just the answer!

If you prefer four solid walls when you go away, Discovery Parks has hundreds of cabins to choose from at over 70 locations around Australia!

We know that planning a holiday can get overwhelming, especially if you’re travelling with children. While it tends to start off with excitement about the trip, budgets, activity demands and locations to suit everyone can soon have you thinking it's all too hard. 

By booking a cabin, you take that weight off your shoulders. Relax in the knowledge that in cabin accommodation every traveller has the chance to enjoy a home away from home. More freedom, more space, and more bang for your buck wherever you stay!

Here are 7 reasons cabins are the ultimate family holiday accommodation:

There’s lots of space for everyone

Discoveryparks cabins family funDon't compromise on space for your next holiday. Make the great outdoors work for you.

Unlike hotel rooms, Discovery Parks Holiday Cabins have plenty of space for everyone, including your furry friends.

For guests who require wheelchair access, many of our Australia-wide parks offer specially designed wheelchair ramps that make our accommodation more accessible to those who need it.

Our cabins can accommodate anywhere from two people to groups of up to twelve! Plus, with separate bedrooms (typically a queen bed in the main bedroom, and two double bunk beds in the second), adults can enjoy their fair share of privacy while the little ones can get some quiet time when they need it.

Need more room? Our park managers will happily accommodate an extra cot or fold-out if required.

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Self-contained accommodation

Discoveryparks cabins family facilitiesIt's nice to have the option of a fully equipped kitchen. 

Booking a cabin means easy access to the comforts of home.

From an ensuite bathroom with walk-in showers to a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry, and open-plan living areas, Discovery Parks specialises in self-contained accommodation for families.

Add spacious verandahs and timber deckings that overlook the water, and you've got plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy your vacation.

The option of these at-home facilities will also keep holiday expenses low, especially when you consider preparing your own meals, which itself can be the fondest of holiday memories. You can also take away the surprise of a laundry bill when you manage your washing in-house.

Pet-friendly cabins for the whole family

Pet friendly parks to reward your pooch   feature image 082321 ja4Travelling with the family means travelling with the whole family!

There’s nothing better than hitting the road for a family holiday, and when we say family, we mean the whole family!

Too often we can’t take our happiest family member along with us, but that doesn't have to be true any more. So many of our cabins are now pet-friendly, meaning your canine bestie can come along for the ride - no more expensive kennels or lumbering a family member with your precious pooch.

Great places to stay for kids

Discoveryparks cabins family kids activitiesSome of our splash parks have won awards! Good luck dragging the kids away from this much fun.

Choosing a Discovery Parks Holiday Cabin gives you free access to a range of activities inside our parks.

Well loved by our youngest visitors, these include water parks, splash parks and adventure playgrounds which we know that big kids love too! Many of our parks have been awarded for their family-friendly amenities and included on lists of the best water parks in Australia!

Be warned, things like splash parks and slides mean you might have trouble dragging the kids out of the park at all!

Many of our parks play host to activities that are tailored to keep young minds engaged, and that's without mentioning swimming pools, bouncing pillows, pump tracks, activity rooms, movie nights and cooking classes that will keep them from a case of the 'I'm bored's'!

It’s a hassle-free holiday for you

Discoveryparks cabins family momentsSelf-contained holiday accommodation is perfect for growing families. Don't miss out just because ther's a baby on board!

Unlike a camping and caravanning trip where you have to pack a ton of essentials, a cabin holiday can be as simple as packing your suitcase, filling up the tank and heading out the door.

With all the essentials such as toiletries, linen, a comfy bed, and even things to see and do lined up, rest assured that your holiday will be exactly that - a holiday, not an administrative or logistical nightmare!

Cabins are next to things to see and do

Discoveryparks cabins family things to see and doIn Australia the wildlife will come to you!

Because Discovery has over 70 holiday parks around Australia, you are always surrounded by the very best attractions and things to see and do. Our locations are often in the most in-demand and exotic locations, meaning cabin accommodation gives you the chance to explore more of this amazing country.

Plus, because our park managers and park staff are mostly local to the area, you can rely on their advice if you’re not sure where to go!

It’s affordable family fun

Discoveryparks cabins family tvDon't miss out on the big game just because you're away! Booking a cabin takes the anxiety out of travel with the family.

One of the greatest things about staying in a cabin accommodation is that it’s suitable for a larger number of people at a more affordable price. If the numbers work, a 3 or 4 bedroom cabin might be large enough to accommodate not just your family, but two!

Compare this to your typical hotel room, which are never cheap at any time of the year - not to mention the extra fees they’ll slug you with for an extra cot or bed - cabin accommodation at Discovery Parks is reasonably priced for families of every size.

Need to start planning your next family holiday? Stop looking and start booking the cabin accommodation that you and your family deserves!

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