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15 Things To Do in these Northern Australia Destinations

25 Aug 2021

Clip, buckle and strap in - you're packed up and ready for your journey. The northern half of the country is every caravanners dream. You know a few main places to tick off your list, but you want an insider's guide.

We've broken it down with these 15 things to do in these Northern Australia destinations. All the way from Rockhampton, Queensland through to Onslow, Western Australia, this should get you started. 


Snorkel keppel island qld
Don't miss your chance to go snorkelling at Great Keppel Island / Image credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Rocky's got the best beef in the country: it's a known fact. And your steaks will rival anything you've ever cut your teeth into. But, that's not all this town is about. Walk along unspoilt white sand beaches and learn about the local Indigenous history. 

Keppel Bay Islands National Park

Located right off of the Yeppoon Coast, this chain of 13 islands is what we all see in the Queensland brochures. Secluded beaches, turtles paddling along in the water and clear blue water. Sail, snorkel, fish, swim or birdwatch - it's your holiday for the making. 

Dreamtime Cultural Centre

The cultural centre aims to educate visitors about the local Aboriginal people that live in northern Queensland. Take a didgeridoo tour, watch a Djarn Djarn dancers performance or learn how to throw a boomerang. If you've got a bit of a green thumb or you're a secret botanist, try their self-guided native plant tour. 

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Sapphire, Emerald QLD

Image credit: Tourism and Events Queensland/Blink Photography

The outback: it's where the true country lies. Emerald is a large mining town in the Central Highlands of Queensland. Once known as a prominent sunflower producer, it is now home to world's biggest sunflower Van Gogh painting. Discover this gateway into Central Queensland through fossicking and fishing. 

Sapphire Gemfields

This'll make your eyes sparkle. We've got gemstone-itis: and the only cure involves lots of sapphires. Learn to find sapphires with a tour of an underground mine or buy one of these jewels for yourself. It's a geologist's mecca and a gem lover's paradise. 

Van Gogh's Sunflowers 

If you see yourself as a bit of an art afficianado or simply can't pass up the opportunity to say you've seen a Van Gogh in person, visit this 25m high sunflower painting. It may not be the original but its impressive detail and size are absolutely remarkable. 

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Mount Isa

Dhp undergroundmuseum mtisa qld

The Underground Hospital and Museum may be a little eerie but it sure is full of history! Image credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Through the plains and scrub, Mount Isa is the oasis of the outback. With a strong mining history and the world's third largest rodeo, this town's got plenty to brag about. Not a place to just drive through - it's a town to stopover and discover. 

Boodjamulla National Park

30 million years of history sit right here in these fields. This national park has one of the most sensational fossil deposits you'll ever come across. It's also a stunner of a park: freshwater springs, sandstone ranges and walking waterfalls. 

Underground Hospital and Museum

World War II shook Australia to its core. With the imminent possibility of attack, troops headed north to defend the country. History fanatics can experience this snapshot in time at the preserved underground hospital. Walking through the tunnels, you're able to imagine what life would have been like for the patients and medical staff during this time. 

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Dhp kakadu national park NT

A trip to Kakadu National Park is always a guaranteed adventure. Image credit: Tourism NT

Time to head to the tropics and embrace the sweat: humidity is high here. Never fear. You'll be cleansed, refreshed and rejuvenated by the end of your trip. If the Mount Isa Underground Hospital and Museum wasn't enough, the history of this town will have you reading every plaque and brochure for more!

Darwin Aviation Museum

Fact of the day: Darwin was bombed more than Pearl Harbour in World War II. The museum is a display of the town's fascinating role during the war and even hasa B52 bomber. What we love: the restored articles and information on famous female pilots at the turn of the century. 

Birdwatching at Kakadu National Park

Can you say that you really experienced the Top End without visiting Kakadu? When you're not behind the wheel of your 4WD or taking photos by the Gunlom Falls, peer into your binoculars to spot a Black-breasted Buzzard or a Rainbow Pitta. Colourful birds of all kinds love to flutter in these trees. 

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Driving into Kununurra, you can't help but think: hey, I think I could actually live here. It's a calm country town beside mountain ranges, red flat earth and massive waterways. A 4WD will get you far if you're looking to get to Valentine Falls, but there's plenty to do if you're looking to be taken around by a local or wanting to see more of this east Kimberley town.

El Questro Wilderness Park

An hour and a half away from Kununurra and technically in the WA, lies El Questro - known as one of Australia's most iconic holiday destination and upon your visit, it's not hard to see why. Spread across 700,000 acres, a day visitor permit will grant you access to explore all the park has to offer from deep gorges and majestic mountains to thermal springs, mud and salt-flats, and rainforests and cascading waterfalls.

Triple J Tours

Discover the Kimberley with these enthusiastic and lively tour guide. Triple J Tours have a variety of experiences. Cruise down the Ord River and Lake Argyle or view the Bungle Bungle ranges from up in the air. Enjoy the good life with a spot of tea and cake on the boat while taking in the sights of freshwater crocodiles and rock wallabies. 

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Port Hedland

Port Hedland Turtles

Mild days and loads of sunshine - dry season in Port Hedland is unbeatable. Begin your day at the crack of dawn to try your hand at the best fishing spots and end your evenings looking out over the horizon at Staircase to the Moon. Hello, Pilbara country!

See Turtles Nesting

From October to January, the turtles are living along the North West coast next to Port Hedland. Cemetary Beach and Eighty Mile Beach are two convenient locations to see these turtles hang around the shore, being turtley cool. The local group Care for Hedland, have made an outstanding contribution in their conservation efforts with these creatures. 

Spoil Bank

Word of mouth will tell ya that Spoil Bank is one of the best places to catch a salmon or whiting. You'll also find bream and flathead swimming in these waters. A 4WD is needed to access the site, but your sense of adventure will know that it's worth it!

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Pilbara Karratha guide

When people think of Karratha they either think of Karijini National Park or lots of red dirt. Karratha has got more flair than that. It has history, art and access to the utterly photogenic Dampier Archipelago.

Cossack Heritage Trail

Spread over 3kms, the Cossack Heritage Trail is a bit of pioneer life. Dotted alongside it are historic buildings, including the old gaol, and the otherworldly boab trees. Beware: old Cossack is abandoned and has the feeling of a ghost town. 

Swim In Dampier Archipelago

Island life: can you smell the salty air and taste the first drop of a chilled beer? We sure can. Dampier Archipelago is comprised of 42 islands and hands-down one of the best fishing, diving, snorkelling and swimming spots in Australia. Say a hippity hello to the bottlenose dolphins while you're here!

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Warlu Way special

Take it slow in Onslow. Rest and enjoy this coastal town along the Warlu Way. Its got lookouts that will make every park bench from now on seem dull. Visit one of the longest coral reefs in the world or have an unrushed saunter through the old town.  

Ningaloo Reef

A magic marine wonderland, Ningaloo Reef is the picnic spot to top all picnic spots. The stunning Turquoise Bay provides breathtaking views while you eat your sandwich and drink your tea. If you still want more, more, MORE places to fish, then hop onto a charter and go big-game fishing. 

Old Onslow

Get a little spooked at the old town of Onslow. The town was set up during the gold rush of the late 1800s. Each site has a plaque of information on the history of the area. Little is left of the town itself, but the cemetery, police station and gaol still remain. 

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