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Pet-friendly parks to reward your pooch

23 Aug 2021

We love dogs.

Not only do they bring personality to our parks, in many cases they are an important part of the team!

From supervising tasks to welcoming guests, our park dogs are integral members of the Discovery family. 

Because of this, many of our parks offer pet-friendly cabins and have facilities to ensure your best friend has a great experience. Here's a few reminders of why bringing the family doggo can make your holiday even better:


Dogs are the ultimate ice-breaker!

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There's nothing fellow dog-lovers like more than meeting a potential playmate. Not only will they want to pet your friendly fur-child, before you know it, you'll be making plans for a doggie date!

“Pets definitely create more interactions between travellers visiting our park, and our cabins come with fenced-off areas specifically for pets.”

Dimity Davey, Assistant Manager @ Discovery Parks - Hadspen, TAS

Explore more with your dog!

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Travelling with your dog can mean you end up in places you wouldn't otherwise. Rather than heading inside, travelling 'by paw' could mean you spend more time exploring the great outdoors. Luckily, many of our parks are close to the most amazing destinations Australia has to offer, making it easy to get your daily dog steps up!

“It’s very special for travellers who are able to bring their pets to our park because for a lot of people they’re their main travel companions.” 

Clair Rossouw, Manager @ Discovery Parks - Port Hedland, WA

Create more memories with your best friends

Going on holiday as a family should include the whole family. Plus snapping your photogenic pooch while you're enjoying your time away will add a whole new dimension to the family slideshow for years to come. 

“These days most pets are the families fur child, and any holiday would not be the same without the kids! We even allow pets in our cabins to keep the family together.” 

Bianca Paradies, Assistant Manager @ Discovery Parks - Airlie Beach, QLD

Cancel "boredom" on holiday

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Taking the canine bestie on holiday is a sure-fire way to never have to hear "I'm bored" from the smallest members of your tribe. Dogs never get tired of a good game of frisbee, and are the perfect way to burn off extra energy!

“We’re all pet lovers here. The park has a cat called Ivy. She just rocked up one day and took a liking to the staff. We’re also starting a pooch pack which will have information about dog friendly areas, cafés and wineries in the town and surrounding region.” 

Lonny Peel, Customer Experience @ Discovery Parks - Robe, SA

Your dog likes meeting new people too!

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Exercise isn't the only benefit of taking your dog away with you. Dogs are able to pick up on your mood quickly, so spending time away with you when you're relaxed is good for them too. They also love meeting new doggie friends, and what better way to do that than on holiday?

“We get a lot of tourists who choose to stay with us because we’re dog friendly, and all of our longer termers have pets. Around 90% of our sites that allow dogs have them when people stay with us, so it’s obviously really important to them.”

Darryn Jones, Manager @ Discovery Parks - Maidens Inn Moama, NSW


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