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Easy and healthy road trip snack ideas

6 May 2021

Your journey is mapped, road trip tunes sorted, and you’re close to checking off your packing list. There’s just one last thing to sort: road trip snack. Whether you’re travelling with kids or alone, the road trip experience is incomplete without snacks. After all, everybody will need something to munch on at some point of the journey.

Being out on the open road and singing along to the carefully curated playlist is no easy task, and you’re going to need sustenance along the way. If grabbing a pasty or sausage roll from a gas station is not an appealing thought, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some healthy road trip snack ideas that you can easily prepare before hitting the road.

Trail mix (scroggin)

Ah, there’s nothing like a good bag of scroggin. Typically a combination of nuts, dried fruit, and sometimes chocolate, scroggin is a snack more often associated with hiking. Easy to eat (and pack), they make excellent snacks when on the road for adults and kids alike.

Assorted nuts in a trail mix (scroggin)Make your own trail mix (scroggin) with your favourite nuts

Stock up on a few bags readily available in most local supermarkets or make your own! Our favourites are mixes that have almonds (high in healthy fat), dried cranberries (an excellent source of antioxidants) and sunflower seeds (packed with vitamin E and selenium).

Fruit salad

Not quite the pack-and-go option but fruit salads make great road trip food thanks to its burst of flavours. Sweet, tangy, sour, tart, citrusy - what more could anyone ask for in a snack?

Fruit salads in cupsPack the fruit salads in a resuable coffee cup as a space saver! 

Cut up your favourite fruits (we love a good orange and berry mix) to bite-sized pieces and mix it up for your healthy snack to dig into when you’re on the road. Feeling adventurous? Layer in some fresh mint into your fruit salad for a cool addition. With all the natural ingredients, it doesn’t get healthier than this!

Blended smoothies

Blended vegetable and fruit smoothies

Mix in your favourite vegetables and fruits for a delicious nutrient-packed smoothie! 

If fruit salads aren’t your thing but you still want to enjoy some fresh, natural goodness, blended smoothies make a great alternative. Easy to prepare beforehand and a lot more options to consider, make your favourite smoothie the day of your travel. Store it in a vacuum flask (thermos) to keep it cool and for easy drinking when you’re on the road.

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggsA little seasoning goes a long way with the humble egg

The humble egg - so simple yet so rich in nutrients. Boiled eggs make amazing road trip snacks for kids and adults. Easy to prepare, store, and eat, a good hard-boiled egg is a must-have on our road trip food list. If you’re feeling a little fancy, condiments like black pepper, pink salt, or even soy sauce for that extra seasoning.

Veggie sticks and dips

Cut up carrot and celery sticks and keep them in a handy reusable (resealable) snack bag for easy access. Not a fan of celery? Replace them with sugar snap peas or green beans, which are both rich in vitamin K.
Veggie sticks and hummus dip

Veggie sticks make great road trip snacks for everyone! 

We love bringing along a tub of dip for that extra flavour. Hummus, avocado, or beetroot dips are our go-tos.


Single-serve yoghurts make an incredibly easy snack. Readily available in your local supermarkets, simply pick up the little tubs of goodness, store them in a cooler bag, and you’re good to go. It’s worth noting that not all yoghurts are equal with some having higher sugar or artificial sweeteners so be sure to take some time to check the labels before purchasing.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate piecesCraving chocolate? Dark chocolate is touted for its health benefits.

If you’re craving for some chocolate when on the road, opt for the dark variety instead. Dark chocolate contains high quantities of cacao (usually specified on the packaging) and is well-known for its health benefits being rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. Now you can satiate your cravings guilt-free!


Air-popped popcornTake away the caramel and salt, and popcorn becomes a healthy snack!

Unlike the kind that you’re probably accustomed to (from the movies), popcorn makes a popular healthy snack food. High in fibre, and relatively low in calories, air-popped popcorn (without butter, salt, caramel, and sugar) on its own is a great alternative to crisps or potato chips. Make this the night before and store them in an airtight container to bring along with you when hit the road.

Homemade muffins

Berry muffins on a tableHomemade muffins means adding in your favourite ingredients, like berries!

If you’ve got time pre-travel, homemade muffins make great road trip snacks too. Easy to whip up, muffins also pack easily and stay fresh for at least a full day. Choose from sweet (we love the good ol’ banana and blueberry muffin) or savoury (haloumi, feta, and zucchini muffin), or if you’re keen, just make both!



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