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10 Things To Do At Lane Cove

14 Apr 2021

Just 30 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Sydney is the thriving town of Lane Cove. Its main and most popular attraction is Lane Cove National Park. But there’s more to Lane Cove than just bushland. If you’re looking for the type of holiday that balances nature, and cultural immersion with urban life perfectly, a weekend (or week) at Discovery Parks - Lane Cove is your answer. 

Here are our top 10 things to do when visiting Lane Cove. 

Learn about the area's Aboriginal heritage 

You can learn more about Lane Cove’s Aboriginal heritage by walking around the Mana Badangai trail in Blackman Park. Located about 10 minutes' drive from Discovery Parks – Lane Cove, the Mana Badangai Track takes you through an exploration of the story of the local Aboriginal people.

You can also learn more about Lane Cove’s Aboriginal heritage here

Go on a picnic

Discoveryparks lanecove picnic

It's hard to imagine that Discovery Parks – Lane Cove, which is situated in the Lane Cove National Park is not far from Sydney’s city centre. This area is a perfect place for a family day out, offering a range of activities that would suit all ages.

Pack a lunch and head out to any of the picnic areas in Lane Cove National Park with the family. Some of these areas offer picnic tables, barbecues, and children’s play areas.

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Get arty

Discovery parks lanecove streetside gallery

Some of the vibrant traffic signals box art / Photo credit: Lane Cove Council 

Lane Cove is home to pretty talented local artists, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the number of street and public art around town. Drop into Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios to enjoy their diverse exhibitions of modern to contemporary art.

Or, wander the streets to view the Streetside Gallery - a collection of public artworks throughout the Lane Cove area. 

Attend a local event

Lane Cove is a thriving town with a variety of local events suited for couples, families, and even solo travellers. However, if you’re looking for something more, the city of Sydney is only 25 minutes' drive away.

Book into a theatre or dance show, or join in on any of the free events held across the year. 


Discovery Parks lanecove kayaking

Flip your perspective of the Lane Cove National Park by hopping onto a kayak, canoe, paddle board, or peddle/ row boat! The Lane Cove river runs through the Lane Cove National Park.

Hire a boat from the Lane Cove Boatshed, and spend an hour or two paddling and exploring through the river’s tranquil waterway.   


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Jump on a bike 

Experience Lane Cove on two wheels. Bring your bike along for the trip and hit any of the many routes in town or Lane Cove National Park.  

Left your treadly at home? No worries! You’ll find many places here with bikes for hire.   

The Lane Cove area is popular among avid cyclists and those just looking for a leisurely weekend ride. Most cycle paths and routes are graded from easy to medium, and their distance. Be sure to familiarise yourself with road rules before heading out.  


Discoveryparks lanecove trail hike outdoors

You can’t visit Lane Cove and not go bushwalking. With approximately 90 hectares of bushland spanning across the Lane Cove area, bushland is a significant part of the location’s local character.  

Its vast bush area is home to many native Australian flora and fauna, from wet and dry forest land to mangroves. If you’re lucky, you may just bump into one of Australia’s oldest reptiles, the eastern water dragon! 

Go on a bushwalk and explore some of the fascinating bush walking tracks available nearby. All tracks and trails are graded according to difficulty, with an estimated time and distance for completion. If you’re planning on going on any of the bush walks, we strongly recommend following all safety and practical advice as provided by the national park. 


Discoveryparks lanecove birdwatching superb lyrebird

The superb lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae) are one of the birds that can be found in Lane Cove   /  Photo credit: Lip Kee 

 Being in nature means being surrounded by a diverse range of flora and fauna. Take this opportunity to do something a little different like birdwatching!   

According to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, there are over 143 species of birds living in the Lane Cove area. Refer to Avibase (The World Bird Database) to check off the birds you’ve sighted, or track it using the Aussie Bird Count app! 

Take a walk down memory lane 

Carisbrook Historic House is a must on any visitor’s to-do list. A heritage-listed, and former private residence, Carisbrook now operates as a local history museum and event/ function space for hire.

It remains as the oldest surviving house in the area. Join in on a tour and learn about the rich history of this house, and the early days of Lane Cove. 

Dip in Greenwich Baths 

About 20 minutes out from Discovery Parks – Lane Cove is Greenwich Baths - one of Sydney’s few remaining tidal harbour pools. Greenwich Baths was opened in 1916 and quickly became a favourite recreational spot for locals and visitors alike.   

Its facilities may look a lot different today - a century later but one thing still remains. The Harbour’s pleasant waters still make for an ideal swimming spot for everyone.  

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