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Caravanner Profiles – Which One Are You?

15 Mar 2021

Community is what makes our Discovery Holiday Parks so welcoming and, during Nomad season, there are all different types of caravanners that you will no doubt meet moving from site-to-site or socialise with during happy hour in the Camp Kitchen. Here’s a few of the caravanner personalities you might just meet on your travels. These profiles might just sound like someone you know…



These guys throw caution to the wind and chase an endless summer. They are happy to follow the road less travelled and see where they finish up at the end of each day. They’ll have limited supplies and make the most of shared park facilities such as BBQs, Camp Kitchens and laundries. In park you’ll find them sitting in a deck chair, beer in hand, simply enjoying the serenity.



The complete opposite to the Freewheeler, these guys have an itinerary, runsheet and budget to stick too! They love to make the most of every moment on holidays, and fine tune the nitty gritty details of their getaway to make sure they don’t miss a thing in any region they visit. They are also very finicky about how they pack their van and are a great site neighbour to have, as they have packed everything necessary for their time on the road.



The first time caravanners with all the gear and (maybe) no idea. These guys are new to the Nomad scene and could take some time (perhaps hours) settling and packing up their site. Be a good neighbour, go say g’day and share some friendly travel or set up advice with them - maybe just wait until they’ve finished concentrating on reversing their berth.  



These guys travel year after year after year and tend to stick to the same road trip. They are very friendly with our Park Managers as they have a yearly booking on the same site, for the same week, for the last 20 years. You could consider them professional caravanners and they’ll tell you all about their travels as well as how to park and pack your van properly - even if you don’t ask about it!



These guys usually have every conceivable luxury and comfort. Attending the Caravan & Camping shows are a yearly highlight, you’ll find them browsing for and purchasing the latest caravanning gadgets and accessories over multiple show days. They plan their caravanning adventure around the show dates so they can road trip to try out all their new gear.


Come meet and identify these caravanners for yourself with a road trip with Discovery Holiday Parks.

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