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Why Holiday Parks are a great way to travel solo!

19 Jan 2021

It’s the most romantic time of the year, but for the unattached Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a minefield. Soppy weekends filled with loved-up couples might seem the time to stay at home, but here’s why you shouldn’t dismiss a Valentine’s getaway just because you’re single.


Solo travel perks

Spending your holiday doing exactly what you like, when you like? Sounds pretty good to us! Travelling alone is a growing travel trend and it’s easy to see why. You can plan your schedule to build your own perfect getaway and go entirely at your own pace. You have the freedom and time to reclaim your independence and reconnect with yourself without worrying about how your dream itinerary fits in with anyone else.

ROBE Solo Travel 

A holiday with a community

Parks come with a great sense of security and community for people by themselves. The best local advice and hidden gems are shared around the camp kitchen, so don’t be afraid to say g’day to your fellow travellers. Who knows you might even strike up a conversation with a fellow single traveller in the camp kitchen and start g’dating!

Dubbo BBQ 

Get back to nature

Do you know when you travel solo you take in your surroundings more? It’s said that solo travellers can recall more vivid memories of their trip and what better place remember stunning sunrises or sparkling sunsets than when you’re out in nature in a park! Soak in the nature and wildlife around you with no one yabbering in your ear. You’ll feel so at peace and if you want to share it with someone, snap some pics and share it to your socials. You mates will be so jealous of your independent adventures!  

ROBE Explore 

Cut the romance

Caravan parks are a great option for avoiding the bulk of the Valentine’s Day market because they aren’t ‘traditionally’ romantic places. Parks are full of life with kids playing, people chatting and BBQ’s sizzling, but they don’t ooze romantic vibes, there’s no champagne and rose petals here! This makes them a great way to escape the love hearts and several course dinners because in park, a sausage sizzle and a can of beer is considered fine dining!


Feeling inspired to book a Valentine’s Day trip for one? Search our parks and book your stay now!