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Travelling over the festive season? Here's How to Tell Santa Claus about your Travel Plans

12 Dec 2020

“If we’re not home on Christmas Day, how will Santa Claus know where to find us?”

The age-old question asked by youngsters during the festive season.

Let’s face it, kids ask tons of questions about Christmas and Santa Claus in general but, for when the “he knows where you are” response no longer cuts it, we’ve gone straight to the man himself and got a list of ideas to help you curb their concerns about ensuring the big man in the red suit knows where to find them this holiday season.

Just think how happy and excited they will be knowing that Santa Claus knows exactly where they are!


Tell Santa Claus where you will be

Santa Claus says he loves receiving letters – especially the old-fashioned kind sent by post. Get the kids to write a letter telling him all about your festive travel and how you plan to celebrate at Discovery Parks this year. Leave the letter at home by the Christmas tree or post it to the North Pole via Australia Post. 

We’ve even put together a letter template for you to use - download it here.  

Tips FC Letter image V2

Deliver a letter from Santa Claus

Santa Claus is very busy in his workshop supervising some cheeky elves and making sure the reindeers are in tip top condition for their big Christmas Eve journey. Regardless, he tries his best to reply and write a personalised letter to let you know that he knows how to get to your summer holiday location. To add some extra confidence that he’ll find you, your typed letter, or letter scribed by Santa Claus’ EA, could ‘magically' appear on arrival at Discovery Parks or on Christmas Eve.   Tips FC reading letters

Take a Christmas tradition to park with you

Santa Claus loves everyone’s personal festive, decorative touches and has even picked up a few interior design tips over the years! He’s particularly fond of the special family traditions and loves seeing them displayed year after year after year. By incorporating your special family traditions into your travel plans, Santa Claus will know where to find you. Just make sure it’s a portable tradition; bringing a 6ft Christmas tree with all the trimmings, not so practical; bringing a wreath to hang on your caravan door, practical.

Here are a few of our portable festive suggestions:

  • Stockings to hang on doorknobs
  • Breath new life into your Elf On The Shelf routine with a summer holiday edition – think a beach scene completed with towel, mini sunscreen, and sea shells or, make your elf a snowman friend from ice cubes and leave both together in the freezer or esky.
  • Special travel-safe ornaments that can make your cabin, caravan or camp site feel homely, merry and bright.
  • A special snack tray which you leave treats on every Christmas Eve for Santa Claus and his reindeer – he’s particularly fond of beer and Tim Tams.
  • A family-favourite Christmas movie to watch – most of our parks have DVD players in cabin accommodation but check with park reception to be sure this is the case for your booking.

Tip: Don’t bring any heirloom Christmas items that may break in transit.

Tip: Make unpacking ornaments a priority when you arrive to amp up the holiday excitement. 

Tip: Make sure you pre-purchase and pack any special snacks for Santa Claus – you don’t want to end up on the Naughty list! 

FC Tips find blog tradition image

Gifts could be under the tree back at home  

If you’ve been particularly good this year and Santa Claus has a sack full of gifts, it may be awkward to delivery all, or any, to your vacation location. If he feels the gifts can’t be delivered to you on holiday, he’ll make sure they are placed under the Christmas tree before you return home from your summer vacation Or, he’ll entrust a family member or friend to help with the delivery. If you’re lucky, he may also send you a photo of the gift display at home on Christmas morning. 

FC Tips find blog gifts home

Deliver gifts to park reception

Our Discovery Parks staff are pretty tight with the big man and are always happy to add a bit of magic to your holiday. If Santa Claus’ GPS goes down temporarily, he may just leave your special delivery at park reception to collect on Christmas morning. You’ll know it’s yours, as the elves would have attached a label with your name and summer holiday address (i.e. the Discovery Park you’re staying at). 

FC Tips find gifts reception

Track Santa Claus on an app

Even the jolly man knows all about technology! If you’re a tech savvy parent, there are heaps of free apps to download where you can track Santa Claus and receive a personalised phone call/text message from the man himself. He can let you know that he has your holiday plans planned into his delivery itinerary or if your gifts will be waiting at home for you. He can even give you some road trip games advice, travelling on a sleigh for hours is a pretty long journey and sometimes you need a distraction.

The coolest tracker Santa Claus mas has seen lately is a Global Positioning Stocking which connects to your phone so you can follow his journey to your location.

Tips FC tech savvy santa


Santa Claus hopes these tips add some extra confidence that he knows where to find you. Just like the song goes… “he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and he knows when you’re travelling to a Discovery Park for the festive season”… or something like that! 

There’s still room for you so book your summer stay with a deal and cabin, caravan or tent site to suit you. 



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