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Campfire Catch Ups with Hamish from Cloncurry, QLD

23 Sep 2020

Being a Park Manager can be tough, but for Hamish Griffin, the PM at Discovery Parks – Cloncurry, it seems like a walk in the park compared to his previous career! “I am happily married to the love of my life Hazel who works part-time in the front office team. We met each other working for the same company in Afghanistan at the height of the war effort there. I don’t imagine a lot of people can say that. We have a delightfully cheeky little cowboy called Freddie who is seven years old, going on seventeen!”

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Cloncurry is one of our work-stay properties, but it certainly isn’t just for the busy bees of Australia! Everyone is welcome and Hamish reckons these are the best parks to stay at. “The work-stay parks have a lot of hidden benefits such as free washers and dryers, free WIFI, free ice and the chance of a great value meal. These benefits are provided for the work-stay guests and are often made available to caravanners as well.”

With 200 single worker rooms and an epic dining hall, Discovery Parks – Cloncurry played a major role in housing and feeding the men and women from the 5th Aviation Regiment of the Australian Defence Force during last year’s devastating floods. Hamish says his top tip when staying at Cloncurry is to enjoy a meal in the dining hall. “It is a great way for our tourism guests to interact with the work-stay guests and vice versa. The Nomads love to talk to the miners about what they do and where they work, and the miners get to meet some different people other than the same faces all the time! The food is always top notch and great value at $25 for an all you can eat buffet.”
Oh and he suggests if you’re staying on a site, make sure you don’t encroach onto your neighbours space. Sounds like some pretty good advice to us!


When he isn’t working hard in park, Hamish can be found spending time at some of his fave places. “You’ll generally find me propping up the bar at the Central Hostel… Cloncurry’s finest watering hole. Or time permitting, heading to Townsville with Hazel and Freddie to spend some time on the coast.”

Quick Q&A with Hamish

What’s your favourite park feature?

My favourite feature would have to be our very own private Uluru… Saddle Rock, across the road from the main entrance is spectacular as the sun sets in the west, it reflects off the rock making it literally glow orange, the shadows move and the rock appears to change shape, it is an old dream time site for the Mitakoodi people, the region’s traditional owners.

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If you hosted a barbie in the Camp Kitchen, who would you invite and why?

Richie McCaw, former All Black captain and John Eels, former Wallabies captain. I love Rugby Union and am an avid All Blacks supporter, the banter and reminiscing with these two would be amazing. The third guest would be Jimmy Barnes to get the guitar out and belt out a few classics after dinner and several tallies of 4X Bitter.

What’s the one essential to pack on every holiday?

A spare phone charger and a keen sense of adventure!


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