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5 reasons why you should take your dog on holiday

19 Aug 2020

There's nothing better than hitting the road for a family holiday but so often when we travel we can't take the whole family with us, our happiest family members, our dogs, have to stay behind. Not anymore! With so many of our Discovery Parks providing pet friendly facilities you don't have to leave your pet at home, they can come too. Bringing your pet on your next trip not only saves you the hassle of getting someone to take care of them but it adds a lot to your trip. Here are 5 reasons why you should travel with your dog. 


Explore with your dog

When you travel with your dog you holiday at a different pace. Rather than heading to a local restaurant or inside attraction for the day you tend to explore the region by foot/paw. Our parks are in some of the most amazing destinations around Australia which means you get out and explore sandy beaches, banks of the Murray, bush trails and more. Not a bad way to get yours and your dogs steps up! 

Explore with your dog Forster

Make friends with your dog

Dogs are the ultimate ice breaker and if you're travelling alone they will be your key to making new friends. Not only will people want to say hello to your friendly fur friend but there is nothing fellow dog owners love more than chatting about their dogs. So find yourself a comfy spot in park and be prepared to be inundated with pats and chats! 

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Take selfies with your dog

Whilst documenting your holiday isn't what it's all about, having your photogenic pooch along for the ride is sure to up your Instagram game! Snapping selfies with your pup is not only a way to get some new family pics but it adds a whole new element to your holiday slideshow while you're all out exploring your new home away from home. 

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Bond with your dog

When your dog is in a new place it looks to you, it’s leader, for guidance and reassurance. That's why taking your dog to a new region to explore, and even somewhere new to stay is a great way to develop a closer bond with your dog. You'll find you and your furry friend will be closer than ever when you come home. 

Bond with dog Barossa

Play with your dog

If you're travelling as a whole family you'll never hear the dreaded "I'm bored" when your dog is around! Send the kids outside onto the lawns to throw the ball or frisbee with your dog. Not only will they have loads of fun running around in the fresh air, it is sure to tire them out quick! 

Play with your dog 


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