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5 reasons to bring the dog on holiday

19 Aug 2020

Updated 26 August 2021

There's nothing better than hitting the road for a family holiday, and when we say family we mean the whole family!

Too often we can't take our happiest family members with us on holiday, but not anymore.

So many of our Discovery Parks provide pet friendly facilities, meaning your canine bestie can come too. Bringing your favourite family member not only saves you the hassle of getting a pet-sitter, it adds so much to your trip.

Here are 5 reasons to bring the dog with you on holiday:

Explore more with your dog

When you travel with your dog you holiday at a different pace.

Rather than heading inside for the day you tend to explore more of the region by foot/paw. Our parks are in some of the most amazing destinations around Australia so staying outside means exploring sandy beaches (which no dog doesn't love), awesome national parks and wide open spaces everywhere! 

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Explore with your dog Forster

Make friends with your dog

Dogs are unbearably cute, which makes them the ultimate ice breaker!

If you're travelling alone especially, there is nothing fellow dog owners love more than chatting about their own. It's also good for your dog to build social skills and keep their brain active. Before you know it, you'll be making a doggie date!

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Create memories with your dog

While going on holiday isn't about building your social profile, there's no doubt that having your photogenic pooch along for the ride is sure-fire way to up your Instagram game!

Snapping selfies with your pup is not only a great way to get some new family pics, but will add a whole new element to your family holiday slideshow for years to come.

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Devonport Dog Sites

Dogs need a holiday too!

Dogs don't have bills to pay (that's what you're for) but that doesn't mean they don't need to de-stress from time to time.

also, because they pick up on human moods, spending time with them in an environment where you're relaxed means they are too! It's also a great opportunity to build a closer bond with your dog, and you'll be better mates than ever once you've returned home!

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Rasmus & friends   Forster   082621 jaBan holiday "boredom"

Bringing the dog on holiday is a guaranteed way to never hear, "I'm bored" from the youngest members of your tribe.

Sending the kids out to play with the family pet not only free's up some 'me-time' for you, running around in the fresh air is sure to tire them out quick! 

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Play with your dog

Dogs are much loved and valued members of the Discovery team. Get to know some of our park dogs here.

Are you ready to confirm your stay at one of our pet-friendly parks?

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