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12 Australian Fishing Destinations You'll Love

17 Aug 2020

Updated August 2022

Did you know that August is fishing month?

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Neither did we, but if you need more motivation to pick up a rod, August is the month to do it. Alternatively, if it's not August when you're reading this, who needs a specific time of year to cast off? Fishing in Australia is a year-round activity!

To motivate your next fishing trip, check out this list of some of Australia’s most awesome places to fish. It includes what you might catch, where to catch it and which of our parks are nearby. 

Darwin | Lake Kununurra | Streaky Bay | Exmouth | Forster | Echuca | Tannum Sands | Eden | Hervey Bay | Jindabyne | Jervis Bay | Lake Nagambie 

Where to go fishing in Darwin, NT

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Barramundi, Giant Trevally, Golden Snapper, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Marlin and Sailfish

The best fishing spots in australia river lif

The tropical northernmost tip of the Northern Territory or "Top End," as it's called, is famous for some of the best barramundi fishing in Australia - and therefore the world.

The best times to fish are during the barra build-up, from October through December when the fish school in local billabongs and saltwater estuaries before heavy monsoonal rains. The barra run-off, when barramundi congregate at the river mouths from February through May, is also excellent. 


The best fishing spots in the Top End include the Daly River, the Mary River at Shady Camp, and the Adelaide River. Inside the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, the South and East Alligator River are top spots to fish by boat. 

During the dry season (May - November), reef fishing is popular and deep sea fishing is a possibility whenever the seas are calm. 

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Where to go fishing in Lake Kununurra, WA

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Barramundi, Mud Crab, Mackerel, Snapper, Trevally, Threadfin Salmon, Mulloway and Shark. 

The best fishing spots in australia darwin

The East Kimberley is blessed with some of the best fishing in Australia. 

Offering both river and coastal fishing adventures, many of the waterways around Kununurra are rewarding places to fish and relax.


The Ord River is especially popular because of its proximity to Kununurra and because of its spectacular fishing. Bounded by the Argyle Dam Wall and the Diversion Dam, Lake Kununurra is a 50km stretch of water offering barramundi, catfish, sooty grunter and bony bream to name a few. 

Another famed spot to go barra fishing is the Pentecost River. The renowned Gibb River Road crosses over the Pentecost and this crossing is the ideal place to throw in a line. 

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Approximately 70 km from Kununurra, Lake Argyle is a picturesque body of water covering approximately 800 square kilometres. Fishing in Argyle is mainly for silver cobbler (Lake Argyle catfish) and sooty grunter. 

Where to go fishing in Streaky Bay, SA

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? King George Whiting, Salmon, Flathead, Tommy Ruff, Garfish, Squid

The best fishing spots in australia streaky bay

South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is one of Australia's best fishing regions and Streaky Bay is no different.

Streaky’s spectacular coastline and beautiful white sandy beaches make it the ideal spot to escape to and fish your heart out.


The number of fishing options in Streaky Bay is huge with quality jetty, rock, small boat, offshore and surf fishing possible within 20 minutes of the town centre. The bay itself is a renowned King George Whiting haven where quality is available around the Razorfish beds and The Spit. 

The offshore scene is brilliant and boats generally don’t need to go out further than 10kms at the right time of year. The surf beaches to the west provide good Salmon fishing in winter and the odd Mulloway in summer.

Check out this list of 18 prime Streaky Bay fishing locations.

Where to go fishing in Exmouth, WA 

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Milkfish, Bonefish, Trevally, Wahoo, Tuna

The best fishing spots in australia

Exmouth is one of the most diverse fishing destinations on the planet. 

It borders the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, the world's largest fringing reef, near the tip of Western Australia's North West Cape. 

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Exmouth are famous for the hundreds of whale sharks that swim here from March through October, but is also home to a dazzling array of other fish species.


Because the continental shelf lies only a few kilometres from the edge of the reef, the deep sea fishing here is excellent.

Gamefish found here include all six Australian billfish species: sailfish; black, blue, and striped marlin; broadbill swordfish; and shortbill spearfish.

The best fishing spots in australia cruise

Other fishing options include sight casting across crystalline flats for giant trevally, or prowling the flats of Ningaloo lagoon for bonefish. 

Fly fishing, trolling, bait fishing, and lure fishing are all possible too and guides should be booked well in advance.

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Where to go fishing in Forster, NSW

WHEN? All-year round

WHAT? Bass, Beam, Tailor, Mulloway, Whiting and Flathead 

The best fishing spots in australia yellowfin tuna

The Barrington Coast is a true fisherman’s paradise. The water is pure, the beaches are clean and the fish life is absolutely incredible.

Forster and Tuncurry on New South Wales central north coast are among the state’s favourite places to fish. Avid anglers love the local waterways and beaches which produce all manner of species to catch.


The estuaries here are clear and full of life and the freshwater creeks that flow from the hinterland are full of iconic native species such as the hard fighting Australian Bass. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a boat your options are endless. The ocean is as flat as the estuary on some days so we highly recommend ducking out through the entrance and heading to one of the many inshore reefs to look for a few snapper or tasty flathead.

Where to go fishing in Echuca, VIC

WHEN? All-year round

WHAT? Murray Cod, Yellow Belly (golden Perch), Redfin and Yabbies.

The best fishing spots in australia boats river

Echuca literally means ‘meeting of the water’ so always ensure you pack your gear when you get close to this fisherman’s haven.

There are so many different types of fish in the river but the most common and the best are the various varieties of cod. The catch and release season takes place every year from January 1 to July 31 and gives the public the opportunity to enjoy fishing for this species.


The Murray River at Echuca has many locations to throw in a line, meaning there is no one place to settle in for a big day of fishing. Upstream, heading northeast where the Murray River narrows, the fish wait for food to come to their homes near rocks. Downstream, heading towards Torrumbarry, the river widens and deepens, so be sure to cast deep, where fish are likely to be hiding.

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Where to go fishing in Tannum Sands, QLD

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Jewfish, Blue Salmon, Queenfish, Flathead, Whiting, Bream, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Mud Crabs. 

The best fishing spots in australia schools

The Gladstone Region boasts an array of excellent estuary fishing hotspots and based on this alone it's perhaps no surprise that it has one of the highest boat ownerships per capita in Australia.

Each year the Gladstone Region plays host to Australia’s biggest family fishing competition, the Boyne Tannum Hookup. This popular event sees fishing enthusiasts travelling from far and wide to join in on the action. 


The Boyne River is synonymous for its huge barra, bream, jack and grunter, while Lilley’s Beach produces excellent whiting, flathead and bream. 

South Trees Inlet and the South Trees pipeline are safe areas to fish when the weather’s rough, and less than an hour's drive from Gladstone is Turkey Beach, where you will find the peaceful waters of Rodd’s Bay, and bountiful tidal creeks. 

Don't forget about Lake Awoonga! This is a popular spot with fresh water enthusiasts on the hunt for barra & mangrove jacks.  

Where to go fishing in Eden, NSW

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Marlin, Yellowfin, Tuna, Swordfish

The best fishing spots in australia marlin

Inside Eden’s Twofold Bay (also popular with migrating whales) you’re spoiled for fishing choices.

Whether you like chasing big game fish or casting off from the centre of a lake, there are endless places you can catch a meal here.


Eden has some of the best water on the South Coast for game fishing. Experience the thrill of a lifetime chasing some of the best fighting fish in the sea from November until the end of July.

Long Beach, within the pristine Ben Boyd National Park provides anglers with lots of fun, especially chasing salmon and tailor. Other beaches worth a try include Aslings, Saltwater and Wonboyn.

Youngsters will have tremendous fun fishing off the wharves at Snug Cove or across the bay at the Navy Wharf (when shipping schedules allow). 

STAY WITH US: Discovery Parks - Eden 

Where to go fishing in Hervey Bay, QLD

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Golden Trevally, Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin (striped, blue, and black)

The best fishing spots in australia hervey bay

Hervey Bay is famous for its fantastic fishing, with crystal-clear subtropical waters and diverse species of Australian gamefish. 


Sheltered by the neighbouring K'Gari (Fraser Island), the planet's largest sand island, the nutrient-rich waters off the coast offer calm nooks to fish in even on windy days. Known for its beautiful golden trevally, which cruise the crystalline flats, but you can also cast for different kinds of tuna, giant trevally, cobia, sailfish, and marlin (striped, blue, and black).

Thanks to the protection of nearby islands, humpback whales often calve in these waters during winter, and whale watching trips are one of the top things to do in Hervey Bay.

Where to go fishing in Jindabyne, NSW

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Brown, Brook, and Rainbow Trout

The best fishing spots in australia jetty

Nestled in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Lake Jindabyne is one of the best trout-fishing lakes in Australia. The lake sits at 930 metres and is fed by the Thredbo, Snowy, and Eucumbene rivers.

All types of fishing are permitted, including bait, spinning, trolling, and fly fishing. Prime spots are usually around the lake edges and it's recommended to fish early or late in the day for the best results.


In the township of Jindabyne, you can organise boat charter and rental, hire guides, and rent fishing equipment. If you're planning to visit during the popular winter season, book your accommodation well in advance.

In addition to the lakes, the region's streams and rivers offer excellent fishing–especially the Thredbo River, but its wise to check for seasonal closures before you go. Jindabyne is also home to the Gaden Trout Hatchery, where you can learn about the region's fish breeding program before you cast your line.

Where to go fishing in Jervis Bay, NSW

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Yellowtail Kingfish, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Marlin.

The best fishing spots in australia catch

Fishing in Australia's Jervis Bay, in the Shoalhaven region, offers opportunities for every kind of angler. Probably its biggest claim to fame is that it has some of the best land-based fishing in Australia with great game fishing opportunities from various rock platforms.

Don't have a boat? No problem. This is one of the rare spots in Australia where yellowfin tuna and marlin are reliably caught from land.


Jervis Bay is also home to one of six marine parks in New South Wales: the Jervis Bay Marine Park. Recreational fishing is permitted here in about 80 percent of its waters, but please sure you stay away from the no-take zones and consult a map before you head out.

Sheltered beaches, seagrass beds, and reef systems are prime fishing spots, while boat-based anglers are able to catch impressive range of species. Watch out for spearfishers! 

Where to go fishing in Lake Nagambie, VIC

WHEN? All year round

WHAT? Golden Perch, Trout, Redfin and Crayfish

The best fishing spots in australia nagambie

Well established amongst keen anglers as a reliable spot for golden perch, trout and redfin, the 170-hectare manmade lake is a shallow system backing into the scenic Goulburn River.

Enjoyed by boats, kayaks and land-based anglers, the prized catch here is the elusive murray cod, but the golden perch, trout and redfin are a great second prize.


The river system is so big, with so many possibilities to fish that you could waste a lot of time running around like a headless chook. Formulate a game plan and try to work areas within a zone and avoid over fishing. 

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