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The best fishing spots around Australia

17 Aug 2020

August is fishing month so there has never been a better time to cast a line at some of Australia's best fishing spots. We asked some of our park managers to share what makes their local fishing spots worth planning a trip to visit! 



Darwin Fishing

Darwin is the ideal place to just throw a line in anywhere.  From beaches like Crab Claw and Dundee, to floating pontoons and even fast running roadside drains during the wet season.  People travel far and wide to tackle (excuse the pun) some of the best fishing in the country. What can you catch? While Barramundi are most active from March to May, anglers can fish successfully at any time for giant Trevally, Queenfish, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Black Jewfish, Golden Snapper, Red Emperor, Coral Trout and Marlin and Sailfish. And don't forget once of the world's biggest fishing competition, Million Dollar Fish is held in Darwin each year. 

Discovery Parks - Darwin Park Manager Tina 


Lake Kununurra

Kununurra Nomads

The East Kimberley is blessed with some of the best fishing in Australia and offers many opportunities for both river and coastal fishing adventures. Many of the waterways in the East Kimberley are rewarding places to fish and relax.  The Ord River is especially popular because of its proximity to Kununurra and because it has some spectacular fishing. Lake Kununurra is evolving into a real destination for anglers to chase their first Barra and the area consistently produces trophy sized fish!

Approximately 70 km from Kununurra, Lake Argyle is a very picturesque body of water covering approximate 800 square kilometres.  Its sheer size warrants the same amount of respect as the open ocean.  Fishing in Argyle is mainly for silver cobbler (Lake Argyle catfish) and sooty grunter. Bounded by the Argyle Dam Wall and the Diversion Dam, Lake Kununurra is a 50 km stretch of water offering substantial stocks of barramundi, catfish, sooty grunter and bony bream to name a few.  Fishing in this waterway is predominantly accessible by boat and there are 2 public ramps available.

Situated below the Diversion Dam is the mighty Lower Ord, a barramundi fisher’s dream.  Approximately 15 km from Kununurra is Ivanhoe Crossing, a causeway built of the Ord River and a favourite spot for the locals to hook a barra.  This is saltie territory so caution should be exercised at all times. During the Dry only, access to the lower reaches of the Ord is available via the Ivanhoe Crossing by 4WD.  Alternatively, access can be gained via Parry Creek Road approximately 12 km west of Kununurra on the Great Northern Highway. A number of tracks lead off to the right, many of which take you to the banks of the Lower Ord.  Two in particular are popular fishing and camping spots for the locals.  The first is Buttons Crossing and the second is Mambi Island.  Both are signed, have boat ramps and are great places to base yourself for a barra fishing adventure.

 Another great spot and famed as one of the best in the area to go barr fishing, is the Pentecost River.  The renowned Gibb River Road crosses over the Pentecost and this crossing is the ideal place to throw in the fishing line. Good coastal fishing is available along the East Kimberley coast with catches of mud crab, barramundi, mackerel, snapper, trevally, threadfin salmon, mulloway and shark.  Access is limited due to the rough terrain and lack of roads and is only possible by boat in most cases. Easy access can be gained to the estuarine areas around Wyndham which offers catches of salmon, catfish, barramundi and mulloway.  A popular spot is off the Wyndham Jetty.  Great fishing is also available in the Cambridge Gulf but should only be undertaken by the experienced sailor due to the huge tidal movements.

Discovery Parks - Lake Kununurra Park Manager Anni. 


Streaky Bay

STREAKY BAY Other 003 (1)

The spectacular coastline and beautiful white sandy beaches make Streaky Bay the ideal spot for countless fishing opportunities. Whilst there are a huge variety of fish in the bay,  the most popular and sought after fish by travellers is the King George Whiting and  Snapper but these are closely followed by the many squid which fill the waters. There are 18 prime fishing spots in the sleepy town of Streaky Bay and the locals are always up for a chat to tell you where the fish have been biting! 

Discovery Parks - Streaky Bay Park Manager Jim





Our park has river frontage and boat ramps, so you don’t have to travel far to fish. You can walk out the front of your cabin, throw a line in and catch a flathead or bream. Safe and easy for all ages! The lake (Wallis Lake) is also one of NSW’s biggest suppliers of Sydney rock oysters and the waters are full of flathead and renowned for their big, blue-nosed, bream. We caught up with Luke from Great Lakes Tackle in Tuncurry, to tap into some local fishing tips and find out what fish varieties you can expect to hook! Read the full blog here.

Local Fishing Secrets from Forster

Discovery Parks - Forster Park Manager Jane



ECHUCA Fishing

There are so many different types of fish in the river but the most common and the best are Murray Cod, Yellow Belly (golden Perch), Redfin and Yabbies.

Cod: The catch and release season takes place every year from January 1 to July 31 and gives the public the opportunity to enjoy fishing for this specie. Once caught, to maximize its chances of remaining healthy, the fish must be unhooked and released back in to the water immediately. The best bait to use is cheese or worms - anything really as they are greedy, someone once won a fishing classic championship on a old bit of Dim Sim!

Yellow Belly and the Redfin: While they are rare to catch the best bait is shrimp, worms and trawling lures. 

Yabbies: You must use a yabbie net to catch these tasty critters. For bait any old meat will do the trick.

If you come to visit us there is nothing better than to sit on the bank of the river and throw a line in and dream your worries away.

Judy our Park Manager at Discovery Parks - Echuca, is actually a former Ladies fishing classic champion so she really knows her stuff when it comes to fishing in Echuca!


Tannum Sands

Tannum Sands Jetty

The whole region is great for all estuary fishing, we have The Narrows, Colosseum, Boyne River, Calliope River & Toolooa Bends that are all good for still water fishing ie, Jewfish, Blue Salmon, Queenfish as well as Flathead, Whiting, Bream, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Grunter & Mud Crabs.  You've also got Lake Awoonga for fresh water enthusiast that stocks Barra & Mangrove Jacks.  

The Southern Great Barrier Reef is renown for excellent fishing with Red Throat Emperor, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Sea Perch among many of the species that can be caught an hour off shore.  Pelagic species ie, Spanish Mackerel, Spotty Mackerel & Tuna are wide spread around the outer reefs and beyond. The Gladstone region has one of the highest boat ownerships per capita in Australia, with this many fishing options in the area, it is a must visit if you're a keen boating enthusiast. We have it all.

Discovery Parks - Tannum Sands Park Manager's Bobbi and Andy



EDEN Beach

The beach at Eden is one of the nation's deepest natural harbours and Twofold Bay provides safe access for recreational fishermen. Our beautiful region has a pristine coastline and secluded beaches which make for the perfect beach to fish from. If you're lucky you might even get to see a whale whilst fishing!

Discovery Parks - Eden Assistant Manager Virginia


Hervey Bay

Discovery Parks Hervey Bay - Urangan Pier

August is a good month for a lot of different fishing options in Hervey Bay both on the water and from the shore. One of my favourite species to target are flathead in our creeks and rivers. I generally use a 3” or 4” soft plastic with a paddle tail on a jig head heavy enough to get to the bottom as the flathead are an ambush predator waiting for the prey to swim past.  We normally target the edges of drop off and sandbars on our plentiful sandflats in the Hervey Bay area.

The iconic Urangan pier is a great land based fishing spot this time of the year with longtail, Mackerel and Bonito being caught on a regular basis. Bait Jig’s will come in handy to collect some live herring for Bait or you could throw around small slugs and Lures with a reasonably quick retrieve.

For the boaties the Roy Rufus Artificial reef is producing some good Trevally species but watch the tides as the currents can be quite strong at time. Snapper are a bycatch while looking for schools of Trevally but remember to do the right thing and let them go as it Is closed season. A good place for more information about what’s biting in the area would be to go to Fisho’s Tackleworld and have a chat with Dane and the team. They have their finger on the pulse of all things fishing in our region and are always willing to offer some good local knowledge.

Hope you enjoy the great fishing we are lucky enough to have in our area. Hope to see you on the water.

Georgia, Park Manager at Discovery Parks - Fraser St, Hervey Bay caught up with Phil from Freaking Out Kayak Tours who had loads of great tips for fishing in Hervey Bay.