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16 Jul 2020

Whether you’re a seasoned caravanner or new to this way of travel, packing for a safe trip can seem like an entire journey on its own. With precious space to be considered, it’s a fine balance ensuring you’ve packed the necessities versus you’ve packed too much. A heavier campervan or caravan will increase your fuel consumption, and an overloaded vehicle is not what you want when you're on the open road.

Caravan packing can seem overwhelming especially if you're new to it. We’re here to make sure everybody is enjoying themselves safely while out on the road. Use this handy packing list to help you pack before embarking on that epic caravan holiday.

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 Car with caravan countryside sunrise


There are some items that you simply must pack before heading out in a campervan or caravan. Here are the essentials:

  • First-aid kit - always double-check your first-aid kit before every trip to ensure all items have been restocked, and emergency medication is up to date.
  • Face-masks and hand sanitisers - while not a must, it's always a good idea to have some disposable and resuable ones available should the time arises.
  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket - if you already have one, be sure to have it inspected prior to hitting the road.
  • Flashlight and batteries - always handy to have an extra or spare light with you even at a powered site. You never know when you might need it!
  • Insect repellent - we recommend including this even if it’s not mosquito season.
  • Communication and power devices - extra battery packs for mobile phones, and if you’re travelling to remote places, you may even consider a satellite phone.
  • Printed maps - while a GPS in your vehicle or on your phone will get you to your destination most of the time, having printed maps can be handy for times that you may have run out of batteries.
  • Extension cord(s) - remember to pack one or two extension cords to connect car fridges and caravan on a powered site.
  • Sun-protection - UV protection is important even during the cooler months. Don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen, lip balm, and a hat (or beanie).

Pro-tip from Andy, Park Manager of Discovery Parks – Lake Bonney: “A hose connection for your van is the most commonly forgotten item... - don't forget it!”


Caravanning with Kids travel journal


To ensure your holiday really is the trip of a lifetime, we’ve included a list of items that will help you diarise the memories created and experiences enjoyed together.

  • Journal and assortment of stationery - Even if you’re not the writing type, a journal to jot down notes about places you visited and things you enjoyed can serve useful. You can also include postcards or little note scraps you’ve picked up from places along the way.
  • Camera - Who doesn’t love holiday snaps? While you can use your smartphone to do most of the photography these days, having a camera can be handy to do most of the heavy-lifting.
  • Playing cards or board games – Even the best planned holidays can be interrupted with bad weather. If the movies aren’t close by, a trusty set of playing cards or a favourite board game will always get you out of trouble.

Johnny Melon Packing Van

You’re now all set for a safe trip in the van, but where are you headed?