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Don't Miss Your Staircase to the Moon

15 Jun 2020

Updated May 2024

Much like the Northern Lights of Scandinavia, Staircase to the Moon is an annual phenomenon worth travelling for.

Only visible in the North West of Western Australia between March and October every year, it’s worth circling some dates to ensure you don’t miss out!

Staircase to the moon broome banner

Perhaps most famous in Broome, the phenomenon is possible because of the dramatic tidal changes that happen throughout the day in this part of Australia. Essentially an optical illusion, the ‘staircase’ effect is created when the light of the full moon reflects on water caught in sand ripples created by the journey of the tide on Roebuck Bay.

Viewed on a still evening, the golden staircase image is like a magical real-life painting that can last several hours. Often drawing crowds of picnickers who gather to enjoy the view and soak in the atmosphere, the Staircase to the Moon has become a must-see event for anyone visiting Broome, Onslow, Port Hedland and anywhere in the Pilbara.

Recalling the anticipation of the crowd when the moon is already high and the sky begins to darken, Park Manager Rob from Discovery Parks - Broome, compares the spectacle to an eclipse.

“Before you know it, a burnt orange curve has begun to emerge. It moves quickly and quietly upwards until it reveals a huge perfect circle that gets brighter all the time.

"People begin to point before the whole scene takes on a sombre quiet, and the undulating flats of Roebuck Bay take on the reflections of the moon, highlighting shimmering lines of sand, creating the illusion of a stairway to heaven.

Don’t miss the dates for this year’s Staircase to the Moon, and be sure to check out Broome’s monthly Staircase Markets held at the Town Beach Precinct on Hammersley Street!

2024 Staircase to the Moon Dates

May 2024

Friday 24th at 5.40pm
Saturday 25th at 6.32pm
Sunday 26th at 7.31pm

June 2024

Sunday 23rd at 6.26pm
Monday 24th at 7.35pm
Tuesday 25th at 8.45pm

July 2024

Monday 22nd at 6.29pm
Tuesday 23rd at 7.41pm
Thursday 24th at 8.51pm

August 2024

Tuesday 20th at 6.31pm
Wednesday 21st at 7.42pm
Thursday 22nd at 8.52pm

September 2024

Wednesday 18th at 6.28pm
Thursday 19th at 7.40pm
Friday 20th at 8.52pm

October 2024

Thursday 17th at 6.25pm
Friday 18th at 7.39pm
Saturday 19th at 8.53pm

November 2024

Saturday 16th at 7.40pm
Sunday 17th at 8.52pm

2025 Staircase to the Moon Dates

March 2025

Saturday 15th 6.40pm
Sunday 16th 7.15pm
Monday 17th 7.45pm

April 2025

Monday 14th 6.21pm
Tuesday 15th 6.59pm
Wednesday 16th 8.11pm

May 2025

Monday 14th 6.26pm
Tuesday 15th 7.17pm
Wednesday 16th 8.11pm

June 2025

Thursday 12th 6.06pm
Friday 13th 7.03pm
Saturday 14th 8.01pm

July 2025

Friday 11th 5.53pm
Saturday 12th 6.52pm
Sunday 13th 7.49pm

August 2025

Sunday 10th 6.37pm
Monday 11th 7.34pm
Tuesday 12th 8.31pm

September 2025

Monday 8th 6.19pm
Tuesday 9th 7.18pm
Wednesday 10th 8.18pm

October 2025

Wednesday 8th 7.04pm
Thursday 9th 8.10pm
Friday 10th 9.19pm


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