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Staircase to the Moon

15 Jun 2020

Staircase to the Moon with Rob, Park Manager at Discovery Parks - Broome 

Staircase to the Moon

I have witnessed many wonderful sights in my life, both in Africa and Australia, but there is nothing quite like the majestic spectacle of the Staircase to the Moon here in Broome.

Spectators young and old take their places along the foreshore of the beautiful turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay, waiting in anticipation as the evening sky slowly darkens.

The hubbub soon dies down precluding lots of pointing at the horizon, as a faint glow begins to appear. "Here it comes" can be heard in excited low voices as the burnt orange curve emerges. It moves quickly and quietly upwards, revealing a huge perfect circle, ever brightening. The undulating flats of the bay take up the reflections of light, highlighting shimmering lines of wet sand, likening them to steps. 

As the moon rises, the steps lengthen and lighten. One could witness this forever.

The audience watches in silence. The whole serene spectacle takes on a awesome calmness: something has been happening throughout time: witnessed by the ancestors, even dinosaurs.

And to think that this only occurs from March to November every year, and for only three days each month.

Discovery Parks - Broome lies on the shores of Roebuck Bay and the Staircase to the Moon is visible from the park grounds. Guests can watch the show from the grassed areas at the beach, or from their very own annex. You couldn't get a better front row seat!

It is so unique, that I doubt there is anywhere else in the world that can boast such a visual delight as this, from a caravan park!

Are you ready to experience this natural phenomenon?

2021 Stairway to the Moon dates

March Stairways: Full moon Mon 29th 2.48am. Sunset 5.54pm
6:32pm Mon 29th
7:16pm Tues 30th
8:03pm Wed 31st

April Stairways: Full moon Tues 27th 11.31am. Sunset 5.33pm
5:50pm Tues 27th (17 minutes after sunset. Could be too bright)
6:40pm Wed 28th
7:34pm Thur 29th

May Stairways: Full moon Wed 26th 7.14pm. Sunset 5.22pm
6:13pm Thur 27th
7:15pm Fri 28th
8:19pm Sat 29th

June Stairways: Full moon Fri 25th 2.40am. Sunset 5.25pm
5:58pm Fri 25th
7:03pm Sat 26th
8:06pm Sun 27th

July Stairways: Full moon Sat 24th 10.37am. Sunset 5.34pm
5:47pm Sat 24th (13 minutes after sunset. Could be too bright)
6:49pm Sun 25th
7:48pm Mon 26th

August Stairways: Full moon Sun 22nd 8.02pm. Sunset 5.42pm
6:30pm Mon 23rd
7:24pm Tue 24th
8:15pm Wed 25th

September Stairways: Full moon Tues 21st 7.55am. Sunset 5.46pm
6:06pm Tues 21st (20 minutes after sunset. Perfect)
6:56pm Wed 22nd
7:46pm Thur 23rd

October Stairways: Full moon Wed 20th 10.57pm. Sunset 5.51pm
6:29pm Thu 21st
7:19pm Fri 22nd
8:10pm Sat 23rd

November Stairways: Full moon Fri 19th 4.58pm. Sunset 6.06pm
6:57pm Sat 20th
7:49pm Sun 21st
8:41pm Mon 22nd