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Campfire Catch Ups with Kate from Coolwaters, QLD

3 Jun 2020

Discovery Parks Coolwaters - Kate Blog ImageMeet Kate Angel, Park Manager at Discovery Parks – Coolwaters in Yeppoon, Queensland! Kate has been with Discovery Parks for 18 months, having taken up management of Discovery Parks – Coolwaters from her previous role in New South Wales. And by the sounds of things, the Queensland lifestyle is right up her alley (“Go the Maroons!”).

The Capricorn Coast region boasts a wealth of attractions for holidaymakers including the sights of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, 4WD hot spots and plenty more. Kate tells us her favourite ‘secret’ spots are located a 45-minute drive north, in Byfield. Here you can explore the national park and lush rainforests which, combined with the beautiful coast, make this region a true nature lovers delight. 

There’s so much to enjoy inside Discovery Parks – Coolwaters itself, from BMX tracks, to sparkling swimming pool and huge water park. The large water slides are Kate’s favourite, and she tells us “they are so much fun for the kids and big kids alike!” With water features like these plus nearby Kinka Beach, Kate says the one thing that every traveller should pack for a Queensland holiday is togs [swimmers/bathers]! 

One of Kate’s top activity recommendations for guests is kayaking on the Causeway Lake, which is right next to the park and comes with an unusual history. Kate tells us “the park used to be owned by a church and there used to be water baptisms in the lake and prayer sessions in a bush chapel behind the park”. You might come across the old chapel on a bushwalk, if getting out and about in nature is one of your holiday musts! 

When she’s not working, Kate likes to walk her golden retriever Rosie along the nearby beaches or go sailing in the bay.Discovery Parks Coolwaters Yeppoon - Activities 

Quick Q&A with Kate


What’s your favourite local place to grab a bite?

The Vue Wine Bar & Restaurant is fantastic.


Do you have any camping hacks to share?

We have 3 campfire pits throughout the park and an easy way to light them is to use charcoal in a cardboard egg carton. Light the cardboard first, and this will light the charcoal. Easy!


What is your favourite road trip song?

Either Thunderstruck or Down Under, because everyone always knows the words!


Other than your park, what is your favourite park in the Discovery Park network and why?

I desperately want to visit Discovery Rottnest Island!


Sunny Queensland caught your eye?

Book a Stay at Discovery Parks – Coolwaters Now


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