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25 Feb 2020

It may just be the beginning of the school year but exams and securing a good ATAR are the furthest thing from the minds of year 12 students, as they’re no doubt already daydreaming about their schoolies getaway with no alarms, no schedule, no assignments, no deadlines, no parents!   

The transition from sheltered student to independent adult can be daunting but it’s also thrilling with the opportunity to let their hair down and celebrate graduation, in a fun and safe environment with a stay at Discovery Parks.

Start your transition into adulthood right with a well-deserved, safe and well-planned schoolies celebration. We’ll leave you to worry about the fun and company but, we’re here to help with a list of essential items to take with you and park facilities you can make use of - we don’t want you forgetting anything! Schoolies blog 1  list image   670x445ID

Top of the list, especially those who are over 18. Look under 25 years old, you’ll be carded. No ID, no entry. Don’t worry if you’re not 18, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have a great experience. You won’t need booze to get a buzz, as there are so many planned activities for those under-age. Some school leavers even say the most fun they had was outside a club. Take a copy of your ID to store on your email or on your phone in case something happens to it.

Phone, Charger & Enough Pre-Paid Credit

Not just to keep track of your mates on a night out but, also to upload all your envious party pics and to check in with the parentals to let them know you’re ok. Get your phone a hardy case and glass screen protector to ensure any phone drops don’t leave you disconnected. It’s also an idea to invest in a power bank to make sure you’re always charged on the go.


You don’t need to empty your bank account to have a good time. Consider a local road trip with a group of friends instead of heading to an overseas location. Sharing accommodation with a group of friends, including groceries for at home meal-prep, will also ease the hit on your hip pocket.

On a night out, make sure you always have some cash on you as well as cash on your debit card. Put aside an emergency twenty in case you need to get home in a hurry or lose your posse.


While your inner fashionista is begging to come to the party, there’s no need to bring your designer wear, it’s just going to get wrecked. You’ll no doubt be living in your swimmers most days so keep it simple with cotton tees/singlets, shorts, skirts and sun dresses. Bring a couple nicer pieces for going out at night but, nothing you’d regret ruining.

Heading to a coastal location, bring 2 pairs of bathers to wear on alternate days.

Make sure you bring comfy, enclosed shoes for all the walking and dancing your feet are going to endure.

Bring enough socks and jocks for the length of your stay – don’t be the guy who turns theirs inside out to double the wear, mum won’t be impressed, and neither will your peers who are staying in close proximity to you! One pair for each day and a couple extra for emergencies will do the trick.

The nights can often get cooler so bring a light-weight jumper and jacket for warmth. A denim jacket will work for day and night.

Of course, if you do happen to get dirty and need to do some washing, Discovery Parks can get you cleaned up, as some of our cabins have washing machines and most parks have a coin-operated laundry. Schoolies Blog 1   Laundry   670x270 (2)

Sun Smart Essentials

That are stylish of course! While it’s tempting to take your designer sunnies with you, there is the possibility that you may lose them. If you’re notorious for this, get yourself a sunglasses chain – yep, they’re all the rage! Alternatively, buy yourself a cheap pair glasses that won’t hurt if you scratch or lose them.

Girls, grab yourself a straw hat – be it boater, fedora or, over-sized and floppy, it’ll suit any outfit. For the boys, a classic baseball hat or printed bucket hat will keep it shady.

Sunscreen is an absolute must and, they no longer smell nasty - you can get cream that smells like coconut, no additional perfume/after-shave needed! Get yourself a full-sized tube to keep at home base and a travel-size to take out and about with you during the day. 


Travel-sized items will save space but, just bring your everyday essentials – shampoo and conditioner (a 2-in-1 will save on pack space), body wash, face wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, face and body moisturiser, shaver (or wax beforehand).

Ladies, do you really need a Kardashian contoured and baked full face of make up? Hell no! Let your youthful skin shine with make-up basics such as tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, bronzer, blush and gloss.  

Also, is a hair-straightener an essential? Why not let the salty sea air do the work of your regular sea-salt spray and go au naturelle with untamed locks. If in doubt, a stylish hairband or hair clips will tame any unnecessary frizz.

If you choose to cabin accommodation for your schoolies stay at Discovery Parks, upon arrival your ensuite will have bath towels as well as mini toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and soap. Some cabins will even have hair dryers but, we recommend checking with Park Reception before you arrive. Schoolie blog 1   toiletries    670x445Groceries & Snacks

Schoolies isn’t an excuse to eat junk food all day, every day - your body still needs to be nourished to keep up with all the planned activities and late nights. Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet with fresh fruit and veg included.

Don’t waste your time nursing a hangover, before a big night out, make sure you eat food to line your stomach and drink water to keep hydrated. You’ll thank yourself for doing so when you’re feeling great and enjoying your daytimes exploring and hangout with mates.  

Keep some easy prep meals on hand, such as Cup-a-Soup and 2-Minute noodles as well as snacks like muesli bars, nuts and bananas – these will keep you fuller for longer and you’ll be thankful to have them when a serious case of the midnight snack-attacks and 3am munchies hit!

Take an empty Esky on your schoolies road trip to Discovery Parks and stop at regional towns along the way to stock up on seasonal produce at the local farmers market, baked goods at the local bakery and fridge basics from the local supermarket.

There’s no excuse not to cook for yourself. Discovery Parks cabins have kitchen facilities including microwaves, hotplates, ovens, full-sized fridge’s, crockery and utensils. Some even have BBQs on the outdoor deck. Plus, every location has a Camp Kitchen with access to shared BBQs. And, if all else fails, head to the local pub for a schnitty.Schoolies Blog 1   Food   670x230First Aid Kit

One we hope you don’t need to use but, some essentials to have. Buy a complete portable First aid kit online from St John Ambulance Australia or, make your own. Make sure it includes: band aids, bandages, gauze pads, a cold/heat pack, first aid cream, hand sanitiser, berocca, pain relievers (such as Panadol or Nurofen), antihistamine and feminine hygiene products (for the girls).

If you do happen to leave something behind and need help in a hurry, Park Reception is just a call or short walk from your cabin/site and are happy to assist. Alternatively, some Discovery Parks locations have a small kiosk/general store in Park Reception with necessities for you to purchase. 

Chat to your Parents

Not something you’re taking with you but, they’re probably scared. Not because you’re a bad kid or because they don’t want you having a good time but, because of all the bad news stories and toolies that gate-crash. They just want to make sure you’re safe. Put their minds at ease by leaving them an itinerary of your plans, contact numbers of friends you’re travelling with, contact details of the Discovery Parks location you’re staying at and, of course, let them know you’ll text… at least once a day. You’ll be the favourite child and envy of your siblings with these simple tips!


Now that you’ve got your bags packed with all the essentials, guess you’ll be needing somewhere to stay? Planning ahead will get you the best accommodation option as well as price so, come stay and play local for schoolies with Discovery Parks



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