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The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Cricket

12 Nov 2019

Backyard cricket is a rite of passage for Australian families. Whether you’re playing in the middle of the MCG or on a pitch mowed by your Uncle, you will need a set of rules to ensure a solid, fair match. Follow these simple rules and we can (almost) guarantee your little cousin won’t get out and throw his bat on the roof again.

beach cricket

First ball dismissal: no one can get out on the first bowl. Not everyone’s natural, so this gives amateurs the opportunity to have more than one go.

One hand, one bounce: you can have a chance to catch the ball if it comes off the ground, the fence, the window or uncle Trev’s head. This rule is specifically for the fielders carrying a bevvie or snag.

Six-and-out: if the batsman whacks the ball over the fence, they will be awarded six points. They also need to retrieve it and will consequently be deemed out (you know they’re only going to do it again). No points are awarded if the ball goes on the roof.

LBW: no leg before wicket (unless everyone agrees the BBQ chef can act as umpire).

Extra equipment: if you’re lacking in a set of wickets, the esky, bins or chairs come into play.

Tip-and-run (tippy-go): as long as you hit the ball you have to run, even if it’s obvious you’ll get out.

Auto Wickie: rarely is an actual person required to wicket keep during a backyard match, so the automatic wicket keeper is called into play for any ‘nicks’, ‘glances’ or ‘shots’ landing behind the batsmen. Pull in a rubbish bin, roller door or even an eski as your automatic wickie! The automatic wickie never drops a catch and is responsible for any ball extending up to third slip.

Pet players: the dog counts as a fielder, so if they catch the ball, you’re out! Any slobber is up to the bowler to deal with. As catching the ball in your mouth is hard give your furry fielder the benfiet of the "one bounce - one mouth" rule. 

Equal players: you can decide what is considered ‘equal’ for each team.

Distance establishment: mark what counts as a four and a six, which will vary in each backyard.

Maximum score: if you’ve got a few good batsmen consider implementing a point limit so they don’t hog all the runs.

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