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The best places to be during daylight savings

4 Oct 2019

It’s time to wind your clocks forward an hour and embrace the longer and warmer days. Being able to arrive home from work in daylight is something we all look forward to. Make the most of it by heading to your next trip away. But if you’re not quite sure where you should go, here are our top picks!


Melbourne is buzzing this time of year with so many events happening. Now that the weather has warmed up the Melbourne locals have taken off their black puffer jackets and are soaking up the sunshine. What better time to plan a cheeky shopping trip to the fashion city. Spend your day searching through the DFO’s, get into the heart of the city at Emporium or wander down the km’s of boutiques in the suburbs. At the end of the day stumble across one of the many rooftop bars and get into the bustling atmosphere of Melbourne after work drinks as you watch the sunset.


Stay at Discovery Parks – Melbourne


Airlie Beach is amazing all year round but there’s something really special about being there this time of year. Not only will you avoid stinger season, you’ll also get to experience the most pleasant weather that the sometimes humid Qld region can offer. Spend your days lounging by the pool or take a day trip further afield to any of the magnificent islands of the Whitsundays. At the end of the day enjoy the sunset with cocktail in hand as you gaze out over the lagoon.

Airlie Beach Pool

Stay at Discovery Parks – Airlie Beach


Lake Bonney is a lakeside paradise that envelops you with a sense of calm as soon as you set eyes on the huge lake. As the weather warms up the area comes alive with a host of water activities that will keep even the most enthusiastic water baby happy. But there’s more to the region than just water fun. Set in the Riverland just 2.5 hours from Adelaide, the region is known for being the third largest citrus growing region in Australia and heading into summer is the perfect time to see the orange and mandarin trees flourishing. To sample some of the regions best visit the Barmera Markets and meet the locals who live and breathe the relaxed lifestyle.

Lake Bonney kayaking

Stay at Discovery Parks – Lake Bonney


 The seaside town of Emerald Beach is picturesque all year round but this gem of the coast really comes alive as the days get longer and warmer. Home to the “look at me now” headland the sea views in this coastal town are breathtaking and with pinky golden sunrises you’ll be bouncing out of bed early to witness the impressive sky show. As the weather warms up the area becomes home to heaps of wildlife who spend their days basking in the sunshine and are always up for a happy snap or two.

Emerald Beach 2

Stay at Discovery Parks – Emerald Beach


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