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Pick up fresh bread & pastries at Honorbread Bakery

17 Sep 2019

WATCH: Pick up fresh bread & pastries at Honorbread Bakery

Fresh bread - it’s one of life’s simple pleasures, and something that’s almost a campsite (or caravan) staple. At Honorbread, in the tiny town of Bermagui, just an hour North of Pambula, they know how to make good bread. Really good bread. And pastries, too. In fact, this place is a bakery-fiend’s heaven.

If you’re in the region, head in early in the morning for a coffee in the sunshine, a fresh loaf (baked each morning) or a pastry, and a chat to owner/baker Honor Northam and the team.


There’s every type of bread you can imagine. “All our bread here is sourdough,” says Honor. Among their wide range of breads, she says the ‘rye and caraway’ is her favourite, closely followed by the ‘seedy white’. “The country loaf is the loaf we sell the most of,” she adds. It’s a glorious crusty white sourdough loaf that’ll go with everything and be loved by the whole family. Why not grab a few for the caravan and devour over a few days of travel.


There’s also pastries on offer, from traditional croissants and chocolate croissants to danishes and kardemummbulla (cardamom buns). All baked on site, these pastries are as fresh as they come, made lovingly by Honor, her partner Tim and the team. Get there early enough and it’ll still be warm.

“I love bread and I have always loved eating it,” Honor says. Having previously owned a restaurant within the town, Honor and Tim decided to open the bakery through a growing passion for the craft. “What I love is that it’s a great way of connecting with people. You don’t sit down by yourself and eat a loaf of bread, you share it,” she says.


Honor and Tim opened the bakery in 2015 and haven’t looked back. They run popular sourdough bread making classes in the kitchen on site, too. “I teach people how to make a country loaf that we have here, but at home. We do about six to eight classes per year and I tell people through social media, or you can always call or enquire with me in person if you’re visiting for a while.”

G’DAY team tip: Make sure to ask what’s the staff pick of the day – you might be surprised with a new pastry or bread they’re trialling that you’ve never had before.

Honorbread is open Tuesday to Saturday (full pastry range available Friday and Saturdays). For sourdough classes, enquire with the team.


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