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Find fresh oysters with Captain Sponge's Oyster Tour

17 Sep 2019

WATCH: Captain Sponge's Magical Oyster Tours

When you’re passing through the Sapphire Coast, you simply can’t leave without hopping aboard Captain Sponge’s boat to search for your very own fresh oysters. Brett Weingarth has been running his tours through Pambula Lake for the past four years, but he’s been an oyster farmer in the region for over a decade.

“We show people around Pambula Lake, talk them through how we farm oysters and incorporate a tour to showcase the natural beauty of our waterways here on the Sapphire Coast,” Brett says. “I love this area...its got so much natural beauty that every time you turn a corner you think ‘how good is this?!’”

Oyster tour

The South Coast of New South Wales is renowned around the world for their oysters. The main varieties of oysters in the region are the Sydney Rock Oyster, and the Angasi Oyster, both of which are found in Pambula Lake where Brett takes you on his tour. He and a collection of other oyster farmers have row-upon-row of oyster leases here, growing hundreds of thousands of oysters naturally every year, sold locally as well as around the country and even overseas.

“They are the best oysters on the planet down here,” Brett says. “The Sydney Rock Oyster in particular is a very robust animal and it’s got a unique way in which it coats your mouth and a beautiful flavour. It’s world renowned as one of the best eating oysters on the planet.”

Oyster tour

If the conditions are right, Brett will get out on the leases and into the water to fetch you your very own. If not, don’t fret - there’s always a few on board to be enjoyed with a wedge of lemon out on the lake. It doesn’t get any fresher or better than that.

G’DAY team tip: Brett is as friendly and knowledgeable as they come, so don’t forget to ask lots of questions and make the most of the tour. We couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces, so even if you’re not an oyster fan, this is a must-do!

Captain Sponge’s Magical Oyster Tours are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (depending on bookings). Book online or call the Captain. Prices start at $30 children. Further details on the website.


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