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5 ways to spoil Dad this Father's Day

14 Aug 2019

Let’s be honest, Dads are hard to buy for. If they want something, they’ll go and get it themselves. If they need something, Mum has probably sorted that out for them. So, on Father’s Day, the day that we show Dad how special he is to us, how do we do that? Well, here are 5 ways you can spoil Dad this Father’s Day.

Cook a BBQ
Most Dad’s love a BBQ but imagine his surprise when you tell him to sit and relax while you grab the tongs and flip the sausages. If you’re a bit little to be left alone cooking it, make the effort to help Dad and learn from the master.

pambula family bbq 

Wash the car
Grab a bucket and a sponge and give Dad’s pride and joy, his car, a good clean. Make the outside sparkly clean and move onto the inside with a vacuum. If Dad loves to hit the road on a road trip be sure to wipe down the dash with interior proctectant, not only will his car smell like new but it will be ready for his next big trip. 
Hot Tip: While it’s lovely to surprise Dad, it could be worth checking in with him about what you should use to clean the car. Dad’s can be very particular about how their cars are cleaned and you’d hate a nice idea to turn sour!

Kid Car Wash

Take him fishing
Whether it’s the serenity or the thrill of the catch, there’s something about fishing that most Dad’s love. But it can be quite a solitary activity so why not suggest joining Dad on his next fishing experience. He’ll love the company and being able to spend uninterrupted time with you.
Hot Tip: Why not make a weekend of it and organise a fishing trip with Dad. Take a look at our parks in the best fishing locations around Australia here.

 Fishing with Dad

Have a Kick
Dad’s are just big kids at heart so grab the footy or soccer ball and head to your local park for a kick with him. Chances are he’ll love it just as much, maybe even more, than you!

Clare Football

Snap some memories
Remember when Dad used to have a family photo in his wallet? With the invention of smart phones these keepsakes seem to have disappeared but that means you now have a whole new digital space to fill with memories. So, get the whole family together and take some fun shots using Dad’s phone. Not only will he get a new screensaver, but he’ll have an album full of shots to share next time someone asks him how the family is. While they may not always show it Dad’s love nothing more than showing off their kids!

Selfie Snap 

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