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6 Rules of Park Etiquette

8 Aug 2019

Parks are a great place to spend your holiday but with people from all walks of life in the one space it's a good idea to follow these 6 rules to ensure you are a great park guest.

Girls eating cereal outside of tent

Keep the noise down. Generally quiet time is 10pm till 6am as we’d like all our guests to get a good night’s rest. Caravan, tent and camper walls are thin and in the still of the night you can hear everything so keep noise to a minimum and confined to your cabin, van or tent so that everyone

Make friends with your neighbours. Parks are the best place to get to know people from all over Australia and even the world so take the time to say hi. Who knows, you might make a new travel friend! Same goes for the park team. They are there to make your stay as comfortable as possible so make sure give them a wave and have a chat.

Be pet concsious. If you’re travelling with a pet, clean up after them and keep them on a leash. Not all pets are as friendly as your's so it’s important to socialise them carefully.

Know your size. If you’re camping on a site try not to remove branches or tree limbs to accommodate your setup. Just ask the Park to assist Make the most of your site space but keep all your vehicles within the boundary. It’s worth knowing how long, wide and tall your complete setup is.  

Keep to your space. Your site or cabin is your home away from home and you wouldn’t walk through someone’s backyard, so don’t take a shortcut and walk through their area. Stick to the roads and walkways and avoid upsetting anyone else.

Clean up after yourself. Whether you’re staying in a cabin or pitching a tent make sure you leave the space as you found it and pick up any rubbish. If you’re using the shared facilities like the BBQ’s be sure to clean up when you’re done.

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