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The Whales Have Arrived

18 Jul 2019

There’s a new resident who’s moved into Hervey Bay but instead of booking a cabin or towing their caravan onto site they’re frolicking about in the water! Yes, the whales have arrived! Until early November, these majestic humpbacks will be living it up in the calm Hervey Bay waters, just minutes from Discovery Parks - Fraser Street, Hervey Bay.


A picturesque drive about 3.5 hours North of Brisbane lies the coastal town of Hervey Bay. With the rugged Fraser Island just a ferry ride away, the sheltered water between the two locations becomes a whale creche in the cooler months as protective mums bring their young up the coast to the warmer waters to teach them how to be a grown up in the safe harbour.

Whales 3

As Humpback whales are the most acrobatic of the species, if you venture out to their temporary home you will get to watch these gentle creatures leap, roll, flipper slap and generally have a whale of a time in their winter getaway.

You too can holiday like a Humpback and migrate North to Queensland this winter. Even better, you can book your stay at Hervey Bay with the choice of either Discovery Parks - Fraser Street, Hervey Bay.


Images courtesy of the team at Hervey Bay Whale Watch where you can book your whale watching tour.

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