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The Whales Have Arrived

18 Jul 2019

It’s that time of the year again - where residents from Antarctica make their annual migration up north towards Hervey Bay, the coastal city in southern Queensland. Whale watching season in Australia runs from late May to November. During the period, it’s not unusual for locals and tourists to sight these majestic mammals swimming (and sometimes, playing).

For Hervey Bay, the time to observe the migration of these majestic mammals typically begins from the month of July. One species you’re bound to meet is the humpback whale. These gentle giants travel as far as 5,000 kilometres from the icy, food-rich waters of Antarctica to the warm waters of northern Australia to mate, calve, and nurture their newborns. The journey alone can take up to three months!

Whether you’re new to whale season or have been counting down the days for their return, Hervey Bay is one of Australia’s most popular whale watching sites. Just minutes from Discovery Parks - Fraser Street, Hervey Bay,


About Hervey Bay

A picturesque drive about 3.5 hours North of Brisbane lies the coastal town of Hervey Bay, with Fraser Island just a ferry ride away. The sheltered water between these two locations becomes a whale creche in the cooler months. This is where protective mother whales bring their young calves up the coast to the warmer waters to teach them how to be a grown up in the safe harbour.

Whales 3

Did you know? Humpback whales are the most acrobatic of the species. By simply venturing out to their temporary home, you will get to watch these gentle creatures leap, roll, flipper slap, and generally have a whale of a time in their winter getaway.

Best time for whale watching

Whale watching season at Hervey Bay is best from July to November. During this period, whales swim towards the subtropical coastal waters of western and eastern Australia and Fiji from Antarctica to give birth and mate in the coming months. It's not surprising to find whales almost everywhere in the area. 

What to expect

Hervey Bay gets really busy during whale season so it’s important to plan and book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment. When it comes to whale watching cruises, there are many operators and agencies offering whale watching tours to pick from, depending on the type of experience you are after. 

Some agencies provide a larger cruiser with multiple viewing platforms, while others offer more intimate experiences with smaller options like sailing catamarans. For the bold, there’s also the added option of swimming with the whales - a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

There are plenty of events at Hervey Bay to celebrate the arrival of the whales, most of which are hosted unter the annual Hervey Bay Whale Festival



Images courtesy of the team at Hervey Bay Whale Watch where you can book your whale watching tour.

What to wear 

Temperatures can drop when you’re out at sea, even on a boat! Being properly dressed and prepared can often be the determining factor of having an enjoyable time. So what exactly is the proper attire for whale watching?

The most important of all is to ensure you come prepared with waterproof layers. This means something like a lightweight and waterproof jacket, and pants (if you have them). Closed-toe shoes with adequate grip are also a must - no flip-flops or sandals here!  

 You too can holiday like a Humpback and migrate north to Queensland this winter! Plan ahead and book your accommodation early at Hervey Bay at Discovery Parks - Fraser Street. Book now, and pay later!




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