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5 Simple Snow Tips for Kids

10 May 2019

Updated April 2023

Nervous about taking your kids to the snow for the first time?

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Don’t be. Life on a snow-covered mountain is a joyful experience for the whole family, and there's loads for little ones to do.

To help your ski-kids have the best time ever, here are five simple tips before you get your gloves on.

1. Bundle Uptop-tips-for-kids-in-the-snow-australia

You don’t need to be told this twice – but snow is cold.

Temperatures regularly hover around zero in the Australian Alps, so plan your layers and bring several.

You can’t go wrong with quality wool thermals, a woolly hat and warm gloves. Best to avoid sniffly noses with jackets and sweaters that are made to resist the cold.

2. Bring SunscreenTop tips for kids in the snow australia sunscreen

It might be cold, but the chill doesn’t mean you won’t get sunburnt.

Because everything around you will be dusted in white powder, UV rays from the sun will hit you directly and via reflection.

Bring enough sunscreen for the duration of your trip, and apply every day to avoid a goggle tan - unless you like that kind of thing! A good pair of kid-friendly ski-glasses are a good idea too, especially for sensitive eyes.

3. Stay Hydrated!Top tips for kids in the snow australia kids

Because it isn’t 40 degrees and dry, it’s easy to forget to keep drinking water.

Don’t be fooled – the snow doesn’t mean you’re instantly hydrated. Always keep a bottle handy and sip regularly to avoid dehydration, sick kids, and over-exhaustion, which can be dangerous in the cold.

4. Book Ski Lessons!

Top tips for kids in the snow australia ski

We highly recommend skiing lessons for kids.

Choose a fun and safe environment with qualified instructors who will have your family skiing together in no time. Each resort has its own child-specific program designed to keep your kids busy and entertained.

You won’t regret it when they’re whizzing down their first green run!

5. Take BreaksTop tips for kids in the snow australia fireplace

Going up and down mountains, getting on and off lifts and chasing children is exhausting, especially in the cold.

Our advice: relax.

Because the sun goes down early in the mountains; it’s best to follow suit and retire to your cabin for some well-earned rest. Get cosy, drink egg-nog, play board games, or head into the village for a meal. It’s your snow holiday, enjoy it!


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