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6 Winter Wonders on Rottnest Island

6 May 2019

Guests of new Discovery - Rottnest Island have loved making the most of the warm weather experiences. But did you know that there's plenty to do all year-round? Whether you're up for a hike or in for a feed, we've whipped up our top things to do this winter on Rotto. 

1. Climb the Wadjemup Lighthouse

This lighthouse tour is the best thing you can do for under $10. You’ll be treated to 360 panoramic views from the top, and a knowledgeable guide to tell you all about the local history on the way up. More than just a lighthouse, you’ll see quokkas, wildflowers, and native birds. Tours are daily from 10am to 2:30pm, running every half-hour.

Lighthouse Rottnest Island

Tourism Western Australia.

2. Guns and Tunnel Tour

Bit of a World War II buff? This will be right up your alley. The Guns and Tunnel Tour is a train ride from the Settlement Railway Station to Oliver Hill, where you’ll see all of the defence heritage sites along the way. At the end, you’ll inspect a nifty, restored 9.2 inch gun and maze of underground tunnels.

Train Rottnest Island

Tourism Western Australia. 

3. Watch the sunset at Thomsons

A little way down the road from our park, Thomsons is the best food experience you’ll find on Rottnest. The menu features modern Australian cuisine, with your classic fish and chips, seafood plates and pizza. Take a virtual tour here (and imagine sitting down with a glass of wine and the sunset over the marina).

Thomsons Rottnest December 2018 Little Miss Mon Bon 8


4. Take a pic with a quokka

This is essential. We won’t be the first ones to tell you that, with Chris Hemsworth having stayed at the park earlier this year and taking this cheeky pic with a quokka. In order to take the best (and safest) selfie, the Rottnest Island Authority of Environment, Heritage and Parks recommends using a selfie stick to keep a respectful distance and not feeding the quokkas to get a pic.

Winter on Rottnest


5. Try the state’s best seafood and wine at Pinky’s Beach Club

Convenience is a treat. Pinky’s Beach Club, located at Discovery – Rottnest Island, is better than just going to the local pub around the corner. Pinky’s menu offers the best of Western Australian produce and wine with a focus on fresh is best. Have fussy kids? They’ll love the options on our kids menu (did someone say mini gnocchi?)!

Winter on Rottnest


6. Have a secluded, romantic escape

Remember what you came here for: a holiday away from the hustle & bustle. Simply switch off, settle in your safari tent and sleep (almost) under the stars. Often, it’s getting back to basics that helps us reconnect and enjoy quality time.

Couple Rottnest 

Discovery - Rottnest Island is the newest accommodation on the island in over 30 years, featuring a range of safari tents. The location is spectacular - the best base for your quokka-ful getaway.