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Four Ways To Drink Whisky In Tasmania

Posted by Discovery Parks on 20 Jul 2018

For a frankly shocking 150 years, the lawmakers of Tasmania maintained a total fire ban when it came to the distillation of alcoholic spirits.

This meant that for a century-and-a-half, until 1991, despite the abundance of pure Tasmanian water and fresh Tasmanian air, no locally-produced gin, no vodka, and most importantly, no whisky was being made on the Apple Isle. 

It took a very sensible man by the name of Bill Lark, founder of the eponymous Lark Distillery, until the early 1990s to question such a silly law. 'How could this be true?' he must've thought to himself (probably while quaffing an inferior drink), 'surely Tasmania is perfectly set up to 'mix it' with the best?'

And he was absolutely right - it is. To prove his point, the industry has grown to include 22 distilleries in Tasmania, many of which are now knocking off serious competition at international award shows.

Better yet, all this whisky-making makes for a perfect winter escape activity. Once you've climbed your third snow-capped mountain for the day, why wouldn't you visit one of Tasmania's award-winning whisky makers?

Here are 4 ways to do it:

1. Experience Tasmanian Whisky Week

At the beginning of August every year, Tasmania spends an entire week celebrating the work of their best distilleries - which is all of them. Offering masterclasses, single-malt tastings, and whisky-based celebrity sightings, Tasmanian Whisky Week is your best chance to meet the distillers in person and hear their incredible stories. Normally taking place just outside of Hobart, while you're at it, why not make the most of your time with a visit to this historical centre

Tasmania Whisky BlogImage: Whisky tasting at Shene Estate; Credit: Samuel Shelley

2. Follow the Whisky Trail

At 22 and counting, Tasmania is now home to almost half of all Australian distilleries. Bearing in mind that the industry here is barely 30 years old, they're quietly punching well above their weight. On this whisky trip, simply follow the smell of barley as you make the loop around Tassie. Be sure to stop at a local brewpub and get lost in a national park.

Tasmania Whisky BlogImage: Hellyers Road Distillery; Credit: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman

3. Take a tour and taste premium single malts

Want to get inside your favourite sip? Drink Tasmania offers fully guided Premium Whisky Tours. These are a full day tour that take in three southern distilleries and includes tastings of up to a dozen different pours. Don't miss this opportunity to go behind the scenes and watch the distillers in their natural environment. A must-do for drinkers and foodies alike.

Tasmania Whisky BlogImage: Whisky tasting at Belgrove Distillery; Credit: Samuel Shelley

4. Drink your whisky with a view

At the end of a day on the Whisky Trail, it's nice to relax in the comfort of your private cabin at one of our stunning park locations. Choose from the ocean views of Devonport, snow-spotted vistas of Cradle Mountain, the rolling green hills of the Tamar Valley, or why not indulge in Tassie's Big Smoke. Winter never tastes bitter when you're on holiday with us. 

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