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Train Your Future Commonwealth Athlete at the Park

4 Apr 2018

You're watching the impressive Commonwealth Games athletes on TV and you know in your heart of hearts that your aspiring career as a gymnast (you can do a somersault if the ground is soft enough) won't come true. It isn't too late for your kids, though. They're young and enthusiastic - able to do anything they put their minds to. 

Holiday parks are a fantastic training ground for children to become the elite swimmers and tennis players that make it to the Games. With a range of facilities and equipment hire at parks across Australia, stay at Discovery Holiday Parks for your next family holiday. 

Which sports can they train for? Well...


Swimming Pool - Swimming 

Have the floaties come off and they're paddling away with their goggles on? Freestyle is only the beginning; they need to know how to backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly their way to the other side. Are they getting distracted and giggling with their new friends at the pool? Blow the whistle and tell them to "FOCUS!" if they want to become winners - 5 minutes non-stop butterfly. 

Commonwealth Games 2018


Bouncing Pillow and Playground - Gymnastics

A giant bouncing pillow - an inflatable trampoline - is where you need to start your gymnasts. They can bounce, bounce higher, bounce on their bums, or bounce and do the splits in the air. Or they can find themselves on the playground, building up their upper-body strength on the monkey bars. A few hours on one of these and they will be tuckered out (thank goodness) and fully prepared to do an Arabian Double Front (easy peasy) with the elite athletes. 

Commonwealth Games 2018


Bike or Pedal Cart Hire - Cycling 

Tour Down Under first, then the Olympics. If the training wheels have finally been thrown in the back of the shed and the kids are riding around the neighbourhood, there's no better place to make this a serious career than at the park. Many of our parks have bicycle hire or pedal cart hire available. So schedule morning and evening sessions riding around the park. If you bring your own bikes, even better for 4:30AM starts. 

Commonwealth Games 2018


Tennis Court - Tennis

There's an Australian Open-winning tennis player in your family, waiting to be given a racket to blitz with on the court. Selected parks have tennis courts that you can play on. Play singles to get their skills up to scratch, or doubles to involve the family. Tennis is a great way to learn patience and control, and if both skills are learned early then they'll be better prepared for the Commonwealth Games in a few short years. 

Commonwealth Games 2018


Packing/Unpacking - Weightlifting

"Mum, Dad...why are we unpacking all of our stuff from the car while you drink margaritas?"  This is weightlifting, kids. You won't be complaining about this holiday training when you've got a gold medal after a clean & jerk with a 200kg barbell. You'll be saying thanks parents, for letting me set up the whole site by myself while you tell me to move the tent to the left, a bit more to the left, now right. 

Commonwealth Games 2018

Rage Cage - 10 Sports

There are a broad range of sports you can choose to play inside the Rage Cage at Discovery Parks - Pambula Beach. In this multi-sport complex, kids can play soccer, hockey, lacrosse, netball, basketball, and cricket. They'll have loads of fun, but most importantly they'll become superstar athletes (mini Hercules) in a matter of days with the ability to play 10 separate sports. 

Commonwealth Games 2018


Camp Kitchen/BBQ - Master Chef

Okay, so they aren't big on sports no matter how much you try to get them keen on sunrise runs. That's okay! We have camp kitchens and BBQs for them to whip up dishes that'll even impress the likes of Matt Preston. With your expert eye and supervision, what once was just a slab of meat is transformed into a pork and fennel sausage burger with apple slaw and smoky barbecue sauce. Click here for some inspiration that the kid chef can follow at the park. 

Commonwealth Games 2018


Time to get training! Book your family holiday at Discovery Holiday Parks. 


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