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Staircase to the Moon

9 Mar 2018


The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon that occurs only in the North West of Australia between March and October. During the full moon this region experiences such dramatic tidal changes throughout the day that enable the pockets of water caught in the sand ripples to reflect the natural rising colour of the moon. Viewed at full moon on a still evening this light creates what looks like a golden staircase leading to the moon.

The times for the rising moon are in the local telephone book, they are also displayed monthly at the Port Hedland Visitors Centre. The best vantage spot is next to Discovery Parks - Port Hedland. There is a viewing deck set up especially for this natural occurrence.

Check out our Discovery Staircase Twilight Markets. Enjoy Port Hedland's local arts, crafts and culinary delights while viewing the spectacular Staircase to the Moon. 

Market dates are: 

  • Monday April 30 2018
  • Wednesday May 30 2018
  • Friday June 29 2018
  • Saturday July 28 2018
  • Monday August 27 2018
  • Tuesday September 25 2018
  • Thursday October 25 2018


The approximate Full Moon rising times for 2018 are:


1st 18.40,   2nd 19.21,   3rd 20.04,   30th 17.58


1st 18.40,   2nd 19.24,   30th 18.05,   31st 18.52


1st 19.40,   29th 18.24,   30th 19.13


1st 20.03,   28th 18.00,   29th 18.49,   20th 19.39


 27th 18.25,   28th 19.15,   29th 20.05


25th 18.01,   26th 18.52,   27th 19.45


25th 18.31,   26th 19.28


Note: A super full moon occurs when the moon's closest to the Earth, during this time the moon may seem bigger and brighter.

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