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Real Adventures Of A TOP Grey Nomad

6 Feb 2018

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a “grey nomad”? Think what you like about the name, but the life, without doubt, is enviable. No more 9 to 5, or boring weeknight TV; just you, Australia and the road.

Grey nomads are the adventurers over 50. They’re the older, wiser versions of Gen Y Globetrotters. They swapped slippers and grandchildren for hiking boots and a motorhome, all in the name of adventure. And at Top Parks, we welcome them all over the country as they explore this glorious 7.692 million km² of bush, sand and water we call home.


I mean, can you imagine being on holiday for more than 7 years straight? Imagine never having the “post-holiday blues” ever again. Picture a life free from stress and humdrum; nature, silence, birdsong and the breeze your constant companions; trying your hand at new and interesting jobs to keep the fuel tank full.  

Janne Leddin Hardy is a grey nomad. A former journalist and charity manager, she retired in 2010 “to do other things”. Since then, her partner Geoff and she have travelled all over Australia. We caught up with Janne to hear about her TOP life as a grey nomad.

“We left Sydney in 2010 to experience Australia. Now it’s been 7 years and counting and we never look back."

“We thought when we retired that we were in our winding down phase, but our lives are rich in excitement and experience.”

For 6 years, Janne wrote for Caravan and Motorhome On Tour magazine and she does a mixture of volunteering and paid jobs when they settle in a particular area for a while. And when they do, they call Top Parks home.

“Top Parks is our place on the road. We’ve stayed with Top Parks everywhere, right around Australia, and very often for months a time. They're our favourite because the balance is right; clean modern amenities coupled with a more natural environment and well located.”

For Janne and Geoff, it’s not about rushing from place to place, seeing the sights and following the tourist trail. There’s so much more to life on the road.

“We don't just see places, we experience them."

“We don't just see places, we experience them. We live in them and meet the people. The people are the best part. The places are the backdrop.”

So, is there a particular park that stands out for Janne?

“We spent nine months at Wintersun Caravan Park in Alice Springs through a record breaking summer. With shade, pool, peace and a great location, it was a total winner. I worked as a tour guide and Geoff as a machine operator; Wintersun was home.

“We love our life and Top Parks is a big part of that. Thanks guys!”

So if you’re considering a life on the road, be inspired by Janne’s story. Top Parks membership provides deals and discounts at parks all over Australia so get out there and enjoy it! Like our Facebook Page to share your TOP stories with other travellers of all ages.


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