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8 Tips To Turn Work Travel Into A Little Adventure

18 Jan 2018

There are jobs that can be finished in the office, but there are some deals that have to be done and dusted on the road. As much as you know that's true, travelling for work can be a drag. You miss the comforts of home. 

Re-imagine the work trip to be something other than a cycle of meetings and sleep. Add a trip to the farmers market, a hike on a nearby trail, and a couple of spectacular sunsets - you've got yourself an adventure. 


Try the pub grub

While you have the flexibility to make your own sandwiches in your self-contained cabin, it can be more exciting to sit down for a meal at the town's local. Sometimes the fun part about travel is letting someone else take care of you. Maybe there's a top-notch 1kg schnitty that you have to give a crack or a fish & chips joint that smells like heaven. Go on, have a bite. 

Pub Grub


Get up to 10,000 steps 

At home, you know how your days go. You get up, feed the dog, go to work, come home and fall asleep on a schedule. Work travel disrupts the routine in your life. You end up spending time sitting in the car, in buses, or in airplanes - waiting. When you can, squeeze in a little bit of activity to get the heart pumping and legs moving. Track your day's steps with a Fitbit (and go for a walk around the park in the evening to tick off 10,000 steps); Or, you could venture out into the great outdoors. Lace up those runners and take a look at the local wildlife on a nearby trail. 

Turn Work Trip Into Adventure


Message out to old friends 

Remember that mate from high school who moved away? They're in town and surely would be happy to have a beer and a chat. Send them a message and see if they're free during a lunch break. You'll be having a yarn about times past and filling each other in on everything that happened in between. 

Turn Work Trip Into Adventure


Buy specialty produce

Tasmanian black cherries, the juiciest Valencia oranges from the Riverland, SA, and Queensland avocados that won't see you refinancing your house. Each region has their staple fruit that are coveted across Australia. Pencil in a farmers market while you're in town to try the area's best produce. Your work snacks have never tasted so good. 

Turn Work Trip Into Adventure


Use an app to explore

We salute you if you're a traditionalist who likes to lug around your travel guides and Bill Bryson books to give you inspiration. Phone applications are a great alternative - don't knock 'em. They're a handy (and lightweight) way to discover new and exciting spots. When you're in Forster, you might know about the National Motorcycle Museum of Australia nearby - but did you know that you can eat mouth-watering oysters at Hamilton Oysters out on the harbour? Find out these helpful tips and more through an app: Nature Near Me, Discovery Parks, Australian Road Trips, and Lonely Planet

Turn Work Trip Into Adventure


See the sun set in a beautiful place

When was the last time you slowed down, sat down on a deck chair, and watched the sun set? It's a holiday activity and it feels like a luxury. You deserve a reward: you've worked your rear off all day and have to uproot yourself from home while you do it. Snap up the opportunity that most of us rarely have to turn off your phone and spend time outside.

Turn Work Trip Into Adventure


Read in your evenings

It's closing time and you've finished your day's work. After eating a medium-rare steak and peas for dinner, decompress with a story that consumes you. It always feels like we have an endless list of books to read, constantly playing catch-up. Borrow that science fiction novel from the library, buy that self-help book you've heard so much about, or gallop into a country western and live vicariously through the lives of cowboys. A few pages in and you've escaped to another world. 

Turn Work Trip Into Adventure


Have the family visit

It's frustrating when your work travel overlaps with a weekend. We all need some time to watch TV and fall asleep on the couch. How about treating your work trip like a mini family holiday? When you clock off work, instead of having a microwavable dinner for one, explore the town with your kids. Holidays spent together are the experiences best remembered years on. You'll be even more efficient, because you have something and someone to look forward to. 

Turn Work Trip Into Adventure


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