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6 Reasons For A Late Summer Holiday

Posted by Discovery Parks on 12 Jan 2018

The kids have gone back to school, parents are back to work and the Australian Open has come to a close. One thing that stays the same? That blissful summer feeling. 

Summer holiday hotspots can finally relax as the crowds peter out and the weeks are more peaceful. If you've got your eyes set on the coast, the mountains, the outback, or the city, then it's about time you dust off that van and go for a drive. 

In case you needed a little nudge, here are our top reasons to pick a spot on the map, pack your bags, and discover an authentic getaway.


1. Same Summer Sun

Same season, but without taking on the scorcher days. Summer is still going, even after the last long weekend is done & dusted. There are rivers to be kayaked, tracks to be driven down, and BBQs to be had. How about welcome the morning in with a sunrise hike or enjoy a glass of wine while a painter's palette hides behind the water's edge at dark? Before daylight savings ends, take advantage of those few extra hours of sun. 


Reasons For a February Holiday


2. Go At Your Own Pace

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, February and March are the months to slow things down. Say no to that annoying quacking duck alarm clock and the hubbub of volleyballs and umbrellas at the beach - the timing is yours. Discover at a pace that speaks to you: it's a holiday. 


Reasons For A February Holiday


3. Choice

January is a time when it’s first in, best dressed. And in some cases there are waiting lists to get back in for the following summer with guests rebooking year on year. During February and March, there’s plenty of space available to park your caravan in prime space. Waterfront, riverfront, and pet friendly sites that you can cruise onto without any dramas. 

Click here for some handy hints to cool down the caravan


Late Summer Holiday


4. Save Your Cents

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest hurdles is cost - but travelling this time of year means you’re more likely to save. Off-peak accommodation rates make it cheaper to travel around the country and you might even find extras. What are extras? How about: free breakfast pack, a bottle of wine for you and your special someone, or late checkouts to comfortably ease back into reality.

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Reasons for a Feb Holiday


5. Valentine’s Day

Nothing says romance like an escape together; your only focus is the time in each other's company. Valentine's Day is best spent in a new location in the peace & quiet - especially with a person you find pretty wonderful. With or without kids, there’s no replacement for discovering the moments of happiness with your partner. 

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Reasons For A February Holiday


6. Dogs!

Our favourite reason for travelling in February is that it is the first month of the year where you can bring that extra family member that may not be allowed at many parks during peak season. Our dogs play a big part in our lives and there’s no reason why they should miss out on the holiday, too. Different parks have different guidelines around pets (so make sure to enquire before you travel).

Click here for our pet friendly parks


Reasons for a Feb Holiday 2


Did we persuade you to take that holiday? We hope so! Discovery Parks has a range of site and cabin specials this season to help you take the break you've been daydreaming of. 


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