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Top 5 Things To Do Around Streaky Bay, SA

11 Jan 2018

Heading to Streaky Bay for the fishing or crossing over on your way to the Nullarbor? You're in luck: this town on the Eyre Peninsula is a gem of South Australia. A loved holiday town boasting authentic natural beauty, the region is an ideal spot to rest, relax, and explore. 

From sea lions to a natural wonder, here are our top 5 things to get out to when you're in Streaky Bay, SA. 

Murphy's Haystacks

Top 5 in Streaky BayMurphy's Haystacks, Eyre Peninsuala; Credit: John White.

We've got lots of big rocks all over Australia. This amazing natural formation is definitely worth the stop. Murphy's Haystacks are a set of large granite rocks, sticking out from the landscape. They come in a range of shapes and colours - a truly stunning scene. Bring a thermos and hang around the stacks at sunset to watch the horizon turn beautiful shades around them.


Point Labatt Conservation Park

Top 5 in Streaky BayPoint Labatt, Eyre Peninsula; Credit: Greg Snell, Tourism Australia. 

Welcome to a permanent sea lion colony! Your new family. It is the only place on Australia's mainland to find seal pups acting like the little rascals they are: playing, resting on the beach, and learning to swim. Keep your binoculars on because you may even be lucky enough to see dolphins gliding past or a kestrel twittering along. 


Great White Shark Replica

Streaky Bay Top 5Streaky Bay Shark Replica; Credit: Streaky Bay Visitor Centre.

CHOMP! Check out that gob. In 1990, young Dion Gilmore,a local fisherman, caught this massive 5m shark. When they brought it to shore, it was so big they had to weigh it at the local wheat silos. It was a whopping 1520kgs! While this isn't Sharon the Shark herself, this replica is an impressive copy and gives you an idea of how big this whopper really was. 


Powerhouse Museum

Streaky Bay Top 5Streaky Bay Powerhouse Museum; Credit: Streaky Bay Visitor Centre. 

If you can appreciate the genius behind great machinery, the Powerhouse Museum is a must. It's a goldmine of over 400 restored engines - all in working condition. Each one with their own special story. You'll also be charmed to find a set of locally made miniature engines! The museum is open Tuesday and Friday from 2 to 5pm. 


Yanerbie Sand Dunes

Top 5 in Streaky BayYanerbie Sand Dunes, Eyre Peninsula; Credit: Ann Clarke. 

Ever tried sand boarding? Now's your chance! The hills were formed by the winds that blow off of the coast from the Southern Ocean. These sand dunes are a mesmerising feature of the landscape and a spectacular backdrop to your BBQ lunch. (Tip: you'll need a 4WD to access the track to the dunes). 

Book your next holiday in Streaky Bay, South Australia and discover what the Eyre Peninsula has to offer.


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