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Aussie Beach Cricket Rules for Summer Holiday Fun

15 Dec 2017

Round up the kids, pack up the car and don’t forget the tennis ball: it’s time to head to the coast for a game of beach cricket.

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Beach cricket is often an improvised, comically competitive game that will almost always end in tears or laughs (usually both). All you need is a bat, a tennis ball (or four), wickets (a boogie board or esky will suffice), and a bunch of players who are of uneven skill-sets and announce frequent drink breaks.

The rules are quite like those of backyard cricket (check out our post on the game here), with a few adaptations:

  • A six is generally counted as hitting the ball into the sea. The perks of no fences means a shorter walk to fetch it, but the player is still counted out. Remember to be mindful of other beach-goers around you – a tennis ball to the head won’t be as funny to them as it might be to your kids.
  • The sand dunes can become a batsman’s best friend (depending on your individual rules). If it’s agreed upon, you can keep running while the fielders are retrieving the ball from wherever you’ve hit it. Our tip: if you’ve brought a dog, hit it their way so you’ve got more time on your hands. If they catch it on the full though, you’re out!
  • More space means more players. Get a convoy filled with sports equipment and plenty of food down to the coast for an active day on the sand. An alternative to choosing teams (one always ends up with some kind of advantage) is to play individually, where the batsman with the most runs wins.
  • Another thing: these rules are made to be broken. Improvise and see what you can get away with.

Beach Cricket2

The best thing about beach cricket, of course, is having the ocean right next to the field. When things get too hot, too tense or too long, the water is the perfect antidote. Broken windows and roof-eaten balls are no longer a restriction. It’s time to bring out your inner Shane Warne and bowl that ball straight into the wickets… or reveal your ultimate peace-keeper and attempt to contain the tantrums.

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